Forget March Madness — we found a bracket for every family to invest some time in. It’s the Disney/Pixar bracket. And it’s a lot harder than you might think.

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Twitter user @yeeitsanthonyy posted the bracket a few days ago, asking everyone to fill out their picks from each pairing, with winners determined by Twitter votes.

It’s movie madness, people! I mean, really. How can you choose between Frozen and Moana? 

I clearly can’t. Which is why I’ve only gotten as I have, below. And I’ll bet you disagree with some of my choices already. Like Tangled vs Big Hero 6? That’s a contest that could end in fisticuffs in some families!

The Disney/Pixar bracket: It's a lot harder than you might think!
If you want to jump in, you’d better hurry up — the bracket is already in the quarterfinals. So fill out your predictions and check Twitter to keep track of updated results. Or, just play along with your own family, for fun.

If you do win? Bragging rights, of course. But maybe more importantly, you’ll get the reassurance that being forced to watch each of these movies 1,534 times with your kids was absolutely worth it.

h/t io9