There are tons of books — not to mention unsolicited opinions from strangers (my favorite!) — on how to raise a healthy kid, but when you think about it, there’s not much out there on how to cultivate healthy moms.

Which is why social worker, writer, and personal trainer Dayna Kurtz wrote Mother Matters: A Holistic Guide to Being a Healthy, Happy Mom. And wow, I’m glad she did. Because I didn’t realize how much I really needed this book.

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It surprised me because admittedly, I get a little skeptical when people talk about self-care around motherhood. (A.K.A. if you’re not personally volunteering to watch my kid so I can grab a Margarita and a foot massage, hold your thoughts, please). But Dayna’s book gently guides moms in the art of creative, budget-friendly self-care that so many of us need.

For instance, when she writes a chapter on acupuncture, it outlines simple, step-by-step instructions for self-massage around pressure points. It does not ask you to hire a sitter so you can then pay for a $200 hour-long session with pro. (Aalthough if you have the means, go for it, and I’m jealous!)

And the chapter on therapy? It includes ideas for creative art therapy you can do with your baby. Totally realistic, totally doable ideas.

Dayna has also got some great material on postpartum exercise, or “flexercise,” as she calls it; plus some very basic meal-planning. In other words, the kind of fundamental self-care that it’s hard to think about when you’ve just been broadsided by an exhausting (albeit adorable) 8-pound ball of need.

This book would make a thoughtful gift for a brand new mom or dad, or even for a more seasoned parent who could use some creative ideas to take care of herself. Right in time for Mother’s Day, too.

Want to make it really special? Consider including a gift certificate for free babysitting. And maybe that Margarita.

Show some self-love by ordering Mother Matters by Dayna Kurtz at Amazon or find it at your local independent bookseller.

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