We try to emphasize how important it is to love our planet every day with our kids, but Earth Day presents a chance to really dig in. One of the funnest, most effective ways of doing that:  Earth Day crafts for kids!

So here are a few awesome — and awesomely easy — ideas for Earth Day crafts for kids that I found from around the web. Lots of them even use recyclable materials whenever possible, because…well, naturally. There’s no such thing as pushing the good-for-the-environment thing too hard, right?

Top: Stained Glass Earth Craft | Mum in the Madhouse

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The stained glass Earth craft above by Mum in the Madhouse isn’t actually made with glass. So it’s super safe, easy, and fun to make with younger kids, plus the end result is stunning — click over to see what this looks like with sunlight streaming through it!

Earth Day crafts for kids: Earth Slime by Little Bins for Little Hands

Ever since DIY slime got super-popular, my kids have lived by five words: “Slime can do no wrong.” I will counter that with that time they cemented goop to the wall, but I get their point. I just love Little Bins for Little Hands’ pretty earth-themed slime, which pays tribute to The Lorax, making it a kind of two-for-one activity. Read the book, make the slime!

Earth Day crafts for kids: Upcycled Suncatchers by Books and Giggles

You don’t need a lot of materials for Books and Giggles’ lovely Earth suncatchers — in fact, I’m willing to bet you have everything already in your art box and recycling bin.

It’s important for kids to get to know what’s under the earth, not just what’s on top of it. Playdough to Plato’s layers of the earth playdough craft teaches them that there’s way more to our world than meets the eye.

Earth Day crafts for kids: Newspaper Garland by Kitchen Counter Chronicle

This recycled newspaper Earth Day garland by Kitchen Counter Chronicle is so sweetly simple, and it’s easy for kids of all ages to do (though little ones will need your help threading the shapes together).

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Earth Day crafts for kids: Earth Crayons by Carrots Are OrangeFor kids (and hey, for adults too), there’s something so mind-blowing about taking an everyday object and turning into something new. Here, Carrots are Orange uses the broken bits and pieces of crayons that we all have far too many of to make some new, cool Earth Day crayons. (Be sure to check out the instructions; the last thing you want is an oven encrusted in melted crayon!)

Earth Day crafts for kids: Earth Day Cookies by Tammilee TipsRecipes count as kids’ crafts, right? Sure, they totally do when they’re these Earth Day cookies by Tammilee Tips. Truly, take a look at the recipe and instructions, because I think they’re as fun and easy as it gets. (Also delicious. I wouldn’t mind a plate of these right about now.)

Earth Day crafts for kids: Plantable Paper Earth by Modern Parents Messy Kids

I’ve been thinking about these plantable paper Earths by Modern Parents Messy Kids ever since CMP featured them in a past Earth Day crafts roundup, and I think this is the year we’re going for it. They’re just so cool, and the step-by-step seems almost foolproof.