We’re all about helping you with summer boredom busters for kids this week. First, there’s that awesome giant coloring poster for indoor creativity when the weather gets icky. But when the sun is shining and you need one more trick up your sleeve to lure the kids outside, you have to check out these smart free printable nature Bingo cards found on Handmade Charlotte.

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Free printable nature bingo card set from Handmade Charlotte. Summer fun!

It think this would be fantastic to send off to the whole bunk in a summer camp care package. Or, just use it at home.

Now of course if you live in a more rural area it might help — I’m not likely to find “small reptiles” or mushrooms in our local Brooklyn park, and if I do, they probably aren’t the kinds you want your kids poking around with. But if you’re out in the country, vacationing in a National Park, or picnicking somewhere wonderful, there’s no reason kids can’t search out ant hills, twigs, leaves, and white flowers to complete their bingo cards.


You can also make it a game that lasts all summer — like the license plate game in our home.

Or honestly, if you’re handy with the computer, you can probably tweak the cards with some of your own ideas. No, not “used condom wrapper,” city dwellers. Let’s still try to keep it to nature, even if it’s three different kinds of grass, an albino pigeon, or a tree trunk with woodpecker markings. I love this.

Find the wonderful free printable nature Bingo cards at Handmade Charlotte.