Mother’s Day is coming up quick, and while we love getting fresh cut bouquets of flowers, there are other options! Consider these flower bouquet alternatives for Mother’s Day that will last way past the big day.

From a gorgeous floral  wreath to a DIY kit for planting her own herb garden, I think any mom will love these gifts that will remind her of you for months — and maybe even years after those once beautiful roses have ended up into the compost bucket.

(But remember, none of these gifts let you off the hook – you still have to call her on the regular.)

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Flower alternatives for Mother's Day: A hanging air plant

Hanging Air Plant
This beautiful hanging succulent would be perfect in a mom’s living room, right next to that picture of you. A tillandsia ionantha succulent (“air plant”) is planted in river rocks inside a delicate glass sphere and comes with a small wood sign that reads, “mom.” If I were sending this I wouldn’t be able to resist putting in a tiny gnome found on Etsy as a surprise. ($29.99, FTD)

PS You can also check out this post from a CMP holiday party, that includes links and tips for making your own air plant hanging terrarium if you’re DIY-er. It’s easy! But if you’re shipping, leave it to the pros.

Flower alternatives for Mother's Day: Boxed succulents

Succulents in a Wood Planter
Moms are busy, so why give her more work to do? These succulents require little water or care so she can spend more time at her Zumba class, sweating it at the office, or you know, running after all those kids. Maybe all three. Planted in a box made of reclaimed wood, these 9 little treasures will last through all the seasons. ($49.99-$79.99, Harry & David)

Flower alternatives for Mother's Day: A cool mason jar herb garden DIY kit

Grow-Your-Own-Herbs Kit
This kit would be the perfect flower alternative on Mother’s Day for any gourmet mom or grandma in your life. Three adorable mason jar planters come with soil pods and seeds to grow rosemary, basil and sage. It even includes the twine and labels to complete her easy DIY herb garden. Just add water – and love. ($29.99, Amazon)

Flower alternatives for Mother's Day: A springy floral wreath

Spring Garden Wreath
As a flower alternative for Mother’s Day that still feels springy and bright, this wreath could be perfect gift to hang on a door or fill up that empty space above the fireplace. This lovely wreath is handcrafted from a variety of air-dried flowers all grown without herbicides or pesticides, which is one more reason to love it. ($74.95, Williams-Sonoma)

Flower alternatives for Mother's Day: A beautiful bonsai in a pretty blue pot

Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree
Doesn’t every mother want a tiny, gorgeous tree in her home? I know I do! I feel calm just gazing at the photo of this bougainvillea bonsai, but it’s also perfect for a gardening enthusiast who likes to show off her artistry by styling and shaping their plants. It comes planted in a striking blue ceramic container, which makes sense since “Bonsai” literally means “planted in a shallow container” in Japanese. Feel free to use that at cocktail parties. ($69.99 Harry & David)


Flower alternatives for Mother's Day: A total bulb garden in a basket

Blooming Bulb Basket
If she loves real, fresh flowers but you still want an alternative to the ephemeral Mother’s Day bouquet, this stunning basket of blooming bulbs is a wonderful idea. Just be warned, this beautiful arrangement of pink tulips, fragrant blue hyacinth and white scilla could make it impossible for you to ever send her a regular, old bouquet ever again. ($49.95, Gardener’s Supply Company)

Flower alternatives for Mother's Day: Beautifully potted modern plants from NYC's The Sill via West Elm

Potted Plant from The Sill
These modern planters and plants are super stylish, just like the mom in your life. Created by New York City-based plant design and delivery shop The Sill, each pot is handcrafted, and each plant is carefully selected and hand-potted in a special soil blend which is why they look so gorgeous. Doesn’t she deserve something as cool as she is? This flower alternative for Mother’s Day fits that bill. ($48 each, West Elm)

Flower alternatives for Mother's Day: A Meyer lemon tree

Meyer Lemon Tree
The fragrance from this tree alone makes this one spectacular gift. This sweet little tree can grow indoors or outdoors and provides Meyer lemons all year long. She’ll never have to go to the store for lemons ever again. And hey, just think of all the lemon bars or homemade lemon curd she’s going to be feeding you! Ooh. ($66.95-$101.95, The Magnolia Company)

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