Every year we have the best times seeking out the funniest Mother’s Day cards for those moms who prefer a little sass to sentimentality. (You know the ones.)

There are so many good ones out there — and man, so many bad ones — so we did our best just to put together the ones we’d love to get ourselves.

Hopefully one is just perfect for a mom in your life, whether she’s the wittiest mom in school, the honest-to-a-fault mom who keeps you in check, or the mom who’s irreverent that she makes you blush.

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Funniest Mother's Day cards: The Original Hipster card by The Markt Haus Shoppe

The Original Hipster Mom Mother’s Day Card (The Markt Haus Shoppe)
For the mom who was hip back when it was just called child abuse. (Well, at least by the child eating kale.)

Mother's Day sacrifice: One of the funniest Mother's Day cards!

Mother’s Sacrifice Mother’s Day Card (Classy Cards Creative)
Note: Only for mothers who gave birth after about 1985.

Funniest Mother's Day cards: Social Media card by 55 Hi's

Social Media Mother’s Day Card (55 Hi’s)
For the mom who shared all your embarrassing stuff the old school way….by talking on the telephone and sharing photo albums. (Pssst… we still do that.)


Funniest Mother's Day cards: Things Moms Say card from Lauren Harris Artwork

Things Moms Say Mother’s Day Card (Lauren Harris Artwork)
The part is if you’re a mom, now your own mom can point out that you are saying the very same things she did.


Funniest Mother's Day cards: Shady Pines card from Alva Lumos | rstyle affiliate link

Shady Pines Ma! Mother’s Day Card (Alva Lumos)
Any fan of Golden Girls will know your heart is true with this Dorothy and Sophia card.

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Funniest Mother's Day cards: Queen B from Central 23

Beyonce Mother’s Day Card (Central 23)
When the Queen Bea calls the shots like the Queen B, no other card is worthy.


Funniest Mother's Day cards: You'll Always Carry Me Financially card by The Krafted Cards

You’ll Always Carry Me Financially Mother’s Day Card (The Krafted Cards)
Hey! We found the perfect card for moms of millennials.

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Funniest Mother's Day cards: You're the Glue card by Dear Hancock

Mom, You’re the Glue Mother’s Day Card (Dear Hancock)
She’s crafty — in every possible way.

Stripper Mother’s Day Card (55 Hi’s)
As mothers ourselves, we’ll just say: If you do it, just don’t film it or share it on social media! Even if you think it will disappear.

Funniest Mother's Day cards: To Mom/To Dad card from Classy Cards Creative

To Mom/To Dad Mother’s Day Card (Classy Cards Creative)
Hilarious because it’s true, as the say.


Funniest Mother's Day cards: Seems Like Just Yesterday... card from Darveelicious

Seems Like Just Yesterday Mother’s Day Card (Darveelicious)
The days are long but the years are short…


Funniest Mother's Day cards: Mom, You Mortify Me card from Tense and Urgent

Mom, You Mortify Me Mother’s Day Card (Tense and Urgent)
On Mother’s Day, make sure her most underrated skills get a little love too.


Funniest Mother's Day cards: I'm Proud To Be Y'Orchid card from Fine Ass Lines

I’m Proud To Be Y’Orchid (Fine Ass Lines)
Hey! Puns are not just a dad thing!

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Funniest Mother's Day cards: Sorry You Had to Raise My Awful Brother card by Knotty Cards

Sorry You Had to Raise My Awful Brother Mother’s Day Card (Knotty Cards)
Because you’re her favorite. Of course.


Funniest Mother's Day cards: Gilmore Girls card from Jordyn Alison Designs

Gilmore Girls Mother’s Day Card (Jordyn Alison Designs)
When your mom is your BFF, what more is there to say?


Funniest Mother's Day cards: Checklist card from Emily McDowell Studio

Checklist Mother’s Day Card (Emily McDowell Studio)
We moms can assure you, this level of apology should not come just once a year. But it’s a start.


Funniest Mother's Day cards: Mother-in-Law card from Spade Stationery

Mother-in-Law Mother’s Day Card (Spade Stationery)
If you’re lucky to have an awesome Mother-in-Law (like I do!), this is the card for you.


Funniest Mother's Day cards: First-Time Mom card from Alva Lumos

First-Time Mom Mother’s Day Card (Alva Lumos)
Yo, dads and partners: That first year is hard. Make sure she knows you know it, because the baby ain’t talking yet.