Each year for the last few years, we’ve been tracking down our favorite funny Mother’s Day cards. Of course humor is subjective, but I always try to stay away from the cards that reduce her to a laundress/cook/taxi driver. Also all the MILF jokes because…yeah. She’s your mom. Don’t be weird. Really, these are just the cards so funny I wish I had written them.

So kudos to these awesome writers and designers for making us smile just a little more than we already do this weekend with some fantastically funny Mother’s Day cards.

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Warning, mild irreverence ahead, and one or two words you wouldn’t want your preschooler saying.

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Above: Butt Wiping Card (Classy Cards Creative)
Perfect if you have a sibling or two.

You Get a Card! from Diamond Donatello| Funny Mother's Day Cards
Oprah Mother’s Day Card! (Diamond Donatello)
The next best thing to getting a car? Eh, maybe not.

Funny Mother's Day cards: The ultimate sacrifice

Mother’s Sacrifice Card (Classy Cards Creative)
You finally understand.

Autocorrect Mother's Day Card

Autocorrect Mother’s Day Card (Wordplay Design, UK)
We’ve typed worse.


Cersei Mother's Day Card

Cersei Mother’s Day Card (Instant Download, Everburg Design Studio)
Not that the bar is so high. Also, hopefully your father…no. We won’t go there.


Funny Mother's Day card: Perfect for siblings

Siblings Mother’s Day Card (Knotty Cards)
If you have an older sister, we may have found your perfect card.

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Funny Mother's Day Card: The Shining

Funny Shining Mother’s Day Card (Seas and Peas)
Our favorite feel-good movie for our favorite holiday.

Funny Mother's Day Cards: Nonsensical texting

Mom Texting Card (Row House 14)
What? We don’t know any moms or grandmas like this.


Funny Mother in Law card for Mother's Day

Funny Mother-in-Law Card (Whit and Whistle)
Don’t forget your mother-in-law! (Especially if she has a sense of humor.)

Funny Mother's Day Cards: Bad haircuts

Bad Haircut Card (Tense and Urgent)
Fortunately, no one had smartphone cameras back then. Or Facebook.

Funny Mother's Day card: Life skills

Valuable Life Skills Mother’s Day Card (Cheeky Kumquat)
Some life skills are just more underrated than others.

Freddy Mercury Mother's Day Card

Freddy Mercury Mother’s Day (Pablo Panda)
Well, she is Queen for the day. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Funny Mother's Day cards: thanks for brushing my hair

Mother’s Day Hair Brush Card (One Sharpened Pencil)
Okay, so this is the one our kids will probably give to us one day.


Funny Mother's Day card from Print Smitten

Amazing Person Mother’s Day Card (Print Smitten)
Oh sure, blame Mom for everything.


Calculus I Love You by Chang Thang | Funny Mother's Day Cards
Calculus I Love You Card (Chang Thang)
Geeky moms need  <3 too.


Funny Debbie Downer card for Mother's Day

Debbie Downer Mother’s Day (Seas and Peas)


Funny Mother's Day Card: I love you more than Nutella

Nutella Card (Le Sentiments)
Now that’s saying something.


Funny Mother's Day card from Sad Shop

Ok so I Love You (Sad Shop)
For those who aren’t so great with words. Then again, the inside is blank so you’re on your own there.


Tequila: The secret of motherhood?

Tequila Card (Nocturnal Paper)
Well…some successful mothers. It might even be how they got to be moms in the first place.


Mom, I eat my vegetables at Hello Lucky | Funny Mother's Day CardsI Eat My Vegetables (Hello Lucky)
Yet another underrated life skill.

Apologies for the teenage years: Funny Mother's Day Cards

Apologies for the Teenage Years (Grimm and Proper)
At some point, we all need to go there.