Now that my son’s vertical, I’ve been on the hunt for cool, modern growth charts to track his changing height. Because while pencil markings on the doorframe are cool and all, I’m trying use a growth chart and to put off drawing on the walls until he’s at least two.


Plus, unlike those sweet pencil marks on a wall  or door frame, you can’t keep it forever, as any parent who has ever moved or renovated can tell you.

While these modern growth charts can’t slow down time, they can at least help mark — and celebrate — its passage in style.

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Modern growth charts: Graphic art growth chart | Erupt Prints

Kate discovered this graphic art growth chart in her 2014 round-up of cool growth charts, and turns out, it’s stood the test of time. Mid-century graphics tend to do that. Meaning it will still look totally modern and cool, even when your kid reaches the top of the chart. Check it out at Erupt Prints.

Modern growth charts: Dino growth chart | Wee Gallery

Even though they’re millions of years old, dinosaurs never go out of style, which is why this fun dino growth chart from Wee Gallery is so awesome. Plus, I love how the fringe and leather hanging cord set it apart from the other growth charts and give it more permanence than a poster. They’ve got tons of other designs too, and with that graphic black-and-white pattern, they’d be perfect for newborn baby decor too.

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Modern growth charts: Forest animals growth chart | Durido

If you have a more minimalist style, the modern forest animals growth chart from Durido is a great choice and works with any color scheme. It’s actually a wall decal, and wall decals are one of our favorite ways to decorate kids’ rooms, thanks to the ability to move them and re-mount easily.

Modern growth charts: Rocket growth chart wall decal | Sticker Whale

My son has entered that phase in which he feels the need to wave at every passing airplane and helicopter, so I think he’d really dig this rocket growth chart wall decal from Sticker Whale. Like the real aircraft, it won’t actually wave back at him but I still think he’ll like it.

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Modern growth charts: Cactus growth chart | Shop Mej Mej

This on-trend modern cactus growth chart at Shop Mej Mej comes with extra decals like the stars and owl , plus age markers. So I’m guessing your kid will have a blast participating as you measure. Although if you have smart-alecky kids you might end up with some five-foot-five 8-month-olds, just saying.

Modern growth charts: Black and white growth chart | Design by Maya

I really love this black and white growth chart at Design by Maya, that looks whimsical enough for a young child but also twee enough for a light-hearted tween. Plus, I’m now convinced that all growth charts need adorable dachshund silhouettes. Who’s with me?!

Modern growth charts: Whale pod growth chart | Red Umbrella

Another cool, modern growth chart decal for the win! I love how this whale pod growth chart by designer Baylie Peplow of Red Umbrella juxtaposes the very big with the very small. Bonus: It’s all printed right in the USA.

Modern growth charts: Tell Me a Story growth chart | Simons

Consider me officially charmed by this Tell Me a Story growth chart at Canadian shop Simons. It borrows characters from classic children’s tales making it just so sweet. If you want a growth chart that’s as simple and artful as your nursery, this one’s a sure bet.

Modern growth charts: Vintage cars growth chart | Crate and Barrel

Not every kid is into sweet forest animals or fairly tales, but luckily Crate & Barrel carries Rebecca Jones’s awesome vintage cars growth chart for kids that are serious about their diesel. Extra points if they can name all the models before they get to that 60″ mark.

Modern growth charts: We all Fly Together growth chart | Creative Thursday

Not only is this artful We all Fly Together growth chart totally gorgeous, artist Marisa Anne Cummings of Creative Thursday has really thought of everything when it comes to practicality. It’s personalize-able, wipe-able, and because it’s made-to-order, it can even be made with metric measurements. Check her site for three other truly lovely, modern growth chart designs that will have kids of all age dreaming.

Modern growth charts: Personalized ruler growth charts | Pottery Barn

If you’re looking for something that’s cool and fun, but still will look age-appropriate as kids grow into their tween years, take a look at these personalized ruler growth charts from Pottery Barn. They go straight up to 6’2″, so they’ll make their way from a nursery to a big kid room just fine.