The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, because you can easily make it a slow, relaxing, easy day with family and friends. No presents to exchange and no huge meal to cook. Just time together — and the magic of fireworks through my kids’ eyes.

That said, that slow relaxing day can translate to “boring” for kids, so I’m planning ahead for some easy 4th of July crafts for them to do in their down time. My own kids range in age from 4 to 13 years old, and there’s something here for all of them. Bonus: they can make these crafts without much help from me, if any.

So sit back and relax, parents. Sip your iced tea somewhere shady and let the kids play. We deserve our vacation days, too!

At top: Paper roll American flags | Non-Toy Gifts
Printable Spy game | Kleinworth and Co

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Easy 4th of July crafts for kids: Plastic bottle lanterns at Handmade Charlotte

We always seem to have plenty of empty plastic bottles filling our recycling bin, so I’m excited about this easy plastic bottle 4th of July lanterns craft tutorial at Handmade Charlotte. My tweens can do this all on their own, and their little siblings can help with the painting once the bottles are cut. Plus, they make fun picnic decor for our cookout that night. Whoo!

Easy 4th of July crafts for kids: Magazine mosaic flag at Crafts by Amanda

If your kids are old enough to practice their scissor skills, set them loose to be inspired by this magazine mosaic flag 4th of july craft at Crafts by Amanda. If they aren’t cutting yet, you can prep the squares ahead of time and set them up with a glue stick to make their own mosaic masterpiece.

Easy 4th of July crafts for kids: Paper roll flags at Non-Toy Gifts

These easy paper roll American flags 4th of July craft for kids  from Non-Toy Gifts are cute enough to double as table decor, although my kids would absolutely slip them over their wrists to use as super-power bracelets.

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Easy 4th of July crafts for kids: Washi tape silverware at Tikkido

Ooh! Save serious money on fancy plasticware and let your tweens decorate the bargain bin version, like this DIY washi tape 4th of July silverware craft tutorial at Tikkido. There are a few varieties at the site, so be sure to click through.

Easy 4th of July crafts for kids: Printable sewing cards at Handmade Charlotte

Go retro with these  printable 4th of July sewing cards for kids at Handmade Charlotte. (Doesn’t Rachel always just have the best craft and activity ideas for kids? We’re at her site a lot.) Set your kids up with kid-safe, non-pointy sewing needles and some yarn or embroidery floss, and they’ll have fun making these cool designs.

Tip: You could even glue these printables to some card stock on the back and use as cookout party invitations.

Easy 4th of July crafts for kids: Printable I Spy game at Kleinworth and Co

While kids are busy waiting for hot dogs and burgers, print out this fun Fourth of July I Spy printable game from Kleinworth and Co for the kids to work on. Anyone who finds them all gets a popsicle…before dinner! Whoa.

Easy 4th of July crafts for kids: DIY confetti bombs at Club Crafted

Our kids would totally go nuts with these DIY 4th of July confetti bombs at Club Crafted, which is why we’ll save them for outside during the fireworks. Somehow I have a feeling we’ll still be seeing confetti for days.

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Easy 4th of July crafts for kids: DIY tote bags at Black Walnut Stitch

My tween daughter would love to make her own easy DIY stars and stripes tote bag as a cool 4th of July craft with this idea from Black Walnut Stitch. Unfortunately, this site is down but you can get a pretty good idea how this was made by studying the photo above. The original instructions involved cutting your own stamps — hello, potato stamps from my childhood! Of course, if you find store-bought ones that will work just fine too.

Easy 4th of July crafts for kids: Sticks & twigs flag at Non-Toy Gifts

If you live in a wooded area, send your kids out to find some fallen branches to make this sticks and twigs flag craft DIY at Non-Toy Gifts. It’s slightly more advanced, but nothing that a tween and older couldn’t do on their own. All you need is a little paint and a glue gun, and you’re all set with this rustic decor that you can hang from your front door when you’re finished.

Easy 4th of July crafts for kids: Sno-cone garland at Paint the Gown Red

Does it get more all-American than a sno-cone? I think not. So, I’m all about my older kids grabbing the markers and glue to make this DIY red white and blue sno-cone garland craft for kids from Paint the Gown Red for our cookout.Unfortunately, this site is down, but you can DIY this idea pretty easily with sno-cone holders, foam craft balls, and plenty of red and blue markers.

How cute would this be strung from the porch? Perfect easy 4th of July craft for kids, and perfect party decor.