On Tuesday, July 4th, we celebrate America’s birthday. And ain’t no party like a 4th of July party because a 4th of July party don’t stop! That is, if you make sure to have plenty of food, festive cocktails, and plenty of fun. Don’t worry, we’ve got you families covered.

Here, I’ve put together dozens of fun 4th of July activities for families that will make America’s 241st birthday one to remember.

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1. Keep the kids busy in the morning with loads of fun 4th of July crafts, printables and activities for kids.

2. Dress the kids in cool American flag tees that they can wear the rest of the year, too.

3. Fire up the grill with these 40 summer grilling ideas and recipes.

4. Make the best BBQ sauce ever to slather on your ribs, pulled pork, burgers, and more.

5. Plan a  historic day trip, like this Hamilton-Inspired Day Trip in Philadelphia I recently took with my family.

4th of july activities: A red, white, and blue cocktail and mocktail.

6. Mix up a batch of 4th of July cocktails and mocktails so everyone is cool, refreshed and happy.

7. Or make it easy: Here’s how to turn a watermelon into a keg-ermelon!

8. Distract the kids with a fun, safe fireworks app while you stuff your face with BBQ.

9. Serve ice cream in festive chocolate dipped cones with red white and blue sprinkles for dessert

10. Host a neighborhood bike parade or one of these other awesome block party ideas.

4th of july activities: Play a game of water balloon baseball, rules at iCandy Handmade!
Water balloon baseball tips via iCandy Homemade

11. Play one of these cool backyard water games with the kids, like water balloon baseball. It’s America’s favorite pastime with a wet twist!

12. Enjoy some old-fashioned Americana at a local parade. Give an extra load cheer for our community heroes.

13. Sign up to register voters as a volunteer, and help all Americans have a voice in our democracy.


14. Make DIY star-spangled slime. It’s so easy!

15. Get some crazy balloons, funny napkins, star straws, or one simple 4th of July party supply we shared to help make things more fun.

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4th of july activities: DIY Outdoor Movie Theater from Giggles Galore

16. Put together a DIY Outdoor Movie Theater, like this one at Giggles Galore, and watch a patriotic family film, such as An American Tail, Yankee Doodle Dandy, or Independence Day.

17. Make your own safer sparklers. It’s fun and easy!


Fun 4th of July Activities: Light up the night with sparklers!

Georgette’s girls lighting up the sky with real sparklers.

18. Or go old school and let the kids play with real sparklers….under close supervision! The thrill level is high.

19. Give the kids mason jars and let them catch fireflies, one of our 10 nighttime activities that let you be the “cool parent.”

20. Let the kids stay up way too late to watch fireworks at a local show or watch the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks show on NBC.

Fun 4th of July Activities: Grab a blanket and attend a local fireworks show.

Georgette’s daughter enjoying fireworks — ears covered, eyes wide open.

21. Take tons of photos! Not that we have to tell you, of course. But first…read up on these firework photo tips to make sure you don’t end up with more than a bunch of blurry blips in the sky.

Top photo by Frank Mckenna via Unsplash

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