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If you’ve ever spent too much time, energy and money trying to gather up every item on that detailed list of your kids’ annual school supplies, meet ClassBundl.

This service offers completely personalized, pre-built, school supply bundles ready to arrive right at your door. All you have to do is click and customize, adding or removing any items with ease, and they’ll do the rest.

ClassBundl delivers bundles of school supplies. | Sponsored Message

When you order a pre-built school supply bundle from ClassBundl, you skip the craziness of the office supply store during back-to-school season (plus the mall stores, the grocery stores, and everywhere else you once had to go to check off everything on your kid’s school supply list). Here’s to staying at home and shopping!

And of course, they’ve got everything your kid needs for school — including all the extras, from disinfectant wipes to headphones to school-branded apparel and uniforms. It really is a one-stop back-to-school shop.

Just take a look at this Facebook Live Unboxing for everything that arrives in your ClassBundl.

If you’ve got more than one kid to shop for, no worries — you can easily order multiple bundles that are tailored to each of your children and their own supply lists. And because they’re packed separately, no need to spend time sorting out school supplies at the beginning of the school year.

Let alone arguing about who ordered the black pens and who ordered the blue.

Visit ClassBundl now, and knock one big to-do off your list before school starts, all while saving time and money doing it.

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