We’ll be honest, we are completely flipping out over this new pregnancy pool float. HOW HAS NO ONE THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?

When you’re pregnant, nothing is comfortable. It’s like all the regular things in the world start actively conspiring against your growing girth, from seatbelts to t-shirts to pants. Can’t a girl who sports a belly the size and weight of a league-level bowling ball catch a comfy break already? Actually, yes…yes she can.

The float, launched by the women behind the Peanut motherhood app, is built like a pregnancy massage table. It includes a hole that’s perfectly sized and shaped to fit a pregnant belly, making it easy for expecting moms to lie on their stomachs while they relax in the pool.

(“Relax” is key here — you don’t realize how lovely it is to lie on your stomach until you can’t do it anymore.)

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The pregnancy pool float by Peanut, modeled by blogger Megan Rose Lane

The one huge bummer — this pregnancy pool float isn’t available for purchase just yet, but you can register to win one by following the instructions on this Instagram post. If not for you, then for a pregnant mama who will think you are officially the best friend ever.

Until you can buy one, I say you can always kick back and chill on this absolutely humongous rainbow unicorn pool float. Because heaven knows we should be able to glide through at least one thing while we’re pregnant.