As you’re going about making your family’s summer plans, you’re probably thinking to yourself: “Self, you know what this summer¬†really¬†needs? A giant pool float that looks like a rainbow unicorn and can easily fit six people.”

What, you don’t talk to yourself that way, calling yourself “Self” and everything?” Anyway, just go with me here. Because friends? Your wish is granted.

Even if you didn’t know a giant unicorn pool float was your wish until just now.

Meet the huge pool floats¬†that the internet just can’t get enough of: The rainbow unicorn float above sold out like that, as did the equally awesome pink flamingo pool float and giant peacock pool float, but now…they’re back! At least for now.

Yeah, that’s a nudge for you to hurry if you want in on the massive inflatable unicorn party float action

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Giant pool float collection includes this rainbow unicorn and holds 6 people!

The giant flamingo pool float is more like a boat, holding 6 people

The giant peacock pool float is more like a boat, holding 6 people

Ready for the sticker shock now? These floats will cost you $319 each.

But when you think about it, the 10’x10′ floats can each hold 6 people (and all the beverages you’d like) to a max of 1320 pounds. If you were to get six individual unicorn floats¬†from hot brand FunBoy to entertain your guests at your next lake visit, we’d be talking $1200 total! You still need to get your own air pump (this electric air pump is just $13 or so on Amazon) but even with that you come out ahead.

So the way I see it, it’s a huge bargain to get your hands on what’s basically the¬†Queen Mary of pool floats. In fact, each should come with a bottle of champagne to break when you launch it.

Find the¬†giant unicorn pool float, giant flamingo pool float, and giant peacock pool float¬†by Sun Pleasure from our affiliate Amazon while you can. You may also find them at your local big box store. I know it’s still cold, but do it now!¬†