Sure you can bring out the boring inner tubes at the pool this summer, but we say go big with one of the coolest pool floats around.

Sure, some of these are a bit spendy, but these 10 inflatables offer fun and lazy lounging for the whole family. Plus, they’re totally Instaworthy. Everybody in the pool!

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Coolest pool floats: Chocolate Donut Pool Float by Big Mouth Inc.

Chocolate Donut Pool Float ($20, Big Mouth Inc.)

The good news is that this super sweet Chocolate Donut float won’t melt on a hot summer’s day. The bad news is that it might cause some serious sugar cravings.


Coolest pool floats: Golden Goose Pool Float by Swimline

Golden Goose Pool Float ($34, Swimline)

Floating on the cool water in this Golden Goose pool float will have you feeling as good as gold.


Coolest pool floats: Peacock Pool Float Lounger by Swimline | rstyle affiliate link

Peacock Pool Float Lounger (2 for $98, Swimline)

You’ll be sitting pretty as a peacock in this cool pool float lounger. We love that you get two fine feathered floats in this set, so the kids, or you and your partner, won’t have to fight for a ride.


Coolest pool floats: Poop Emoji Float by, SweetTooth

Poop Emoji Float ($40, SweetTooth)

No one will have to get out of the water when this Poop Emoji float joins in. In fact, this made our list of coolest pool floats because it may actually bring all the kids to the pool.

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Coolest pool floats: Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float by Big Mouth Inc. | rstyle affiliate link


Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float ($20, Big Mouth Inc.)

Some mermaid tails let you go under the sea, but this Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float (also shown at top) lets you lounge on the surface in style.

Coolest pool floats: Shell Float by #FLOATY

Shell Float ($78, #FLOATY)

Don’t forget this swell seashell! It’s the perfect place for a mermaid to take a rest, touch up her sunscreen, and comb her hair with a fork.

Coolest pool floats: Pegasus Pool Float by FUNBOY

Pegasus Pool Float ($99, FUNBOY)

We fell hard for FUNBOY pool floats last year, not only because of their insane cool factor, but because the company gives back through a philanthropic partnership with RainCatcher. And we just love this glorious gold and white Pegasus, son of Poseidon, God of the Sea.

Coolest pool floats: Lobster Pool Float by Sunnylife

Lobster Pool Float ($59, Sunnylife)

Everyone will want to rock this Lobster Pool Float, but make sure they aren’t shellfish (heh) and share. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

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Coolest pool floats: FUNBOY Yacht Float

Yacht Float ($128, FUNBOY)

We’re dreaming of a luxurious summer with FUNBOY ‘s latest coolest pool float, the Yacht Float. Let the kids splash and play while you and your partner lounge, sip a glass of chilled Rosé, and enjoy the smooth tunes of Yacht Rock radio on Sirius XM in style.


Coolest pool floats: Dragon Pool Float by CocoCabana | rstyle affiliate link

Dragon Pool Float ($70, CocoCabana)

Whether it’s the little kids playing How to Train Your Dragon or the teens and grown-ups lounging GoT Khalessi-style with this Dragon Pool Float, we guarantee this one will be very popular at your summer pool parties.