If you have kids like ours, who binge-read books like Rad American Women A to Z and Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, are you going to love this new book! We’re starting in on Herstory: 50 Women and Girls Who Shook Up the World, by Katherine Halligan and illustrator Sarah Walsh. With a release date of September 11, it’s the perfect follow up for fans of all the wonderful women’s biographies that are coming out these days.

In fact, my own daughter and sons have happily jumped in bed, ready to hear the next quick, clever bio, begging me to keep reading “just one more” each night.

And that’s just fine by me.

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Herstory by Katherine Halligan and Sarah Walsh: Maya Angelou Bio

Herstory by Katherine Halligan and Sarah Walsh: Empress Wu Zetian bio

Herstory by Katherine Halligan and Sarah Walsh: Anne Frank bio

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I love that this book is organized by their sphere of influence, sorting women who those who “Believe and Lead,” “Hope and Overcome,” “Imagine and Create,” and more. It’s helpful because if your kid is super into science, for example, they can flip right to that section and discover a very cool role model whose story may speak to them.

Compared with A to Z and Rebel Girls, which each offer a quick overview of each character, Herstory goes into a bit more detail, with two pages of details, illustrations and even photographs of important monuments or places for each woman. I’d even say it’s detailed enough to be used for a school report — and the right amount to get kids interested in learning more.

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Herstory features 50 engaging, colorful bios of 50 girls and women who've done amazing things through history

Of course, the women featured here as diverse as you’d hope, with women from nearly every continent (sorry, Antarctica) and culture, from 1500 BCE to modern day. There’s even a helpful gallery-style timeline in the back to put the chronology in perspective for kids visually.

So yeah, women have been kicking butt for, literally, thousands of years. Which we always knew.

You snag your own copy of Herstory: 50 Women and Girls Who Shook Up the World by Katherine Halligan and Sarah Walsh from our affiliate Amazon or your local bookstore or library starting September 11. In fact, I’ll be buying a stack to keep on hand for birthday gifts for my friends’ kids all year long.