If one thing is clear it’s that our kids’ generation is growing up in the throes of activism, and we love it. So we’re always sharing ways to help support their passion to make the world better, from books that teach kids how to be activists, to t-shirts that honor heroes, to suggestions of actual activity ideas for young activists.

And now we have a new children’s book for young readers about activism, social justice and fighting for our beliefs that’s a must-have for our growing libraries: Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights by Rob Sanders.

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If you’re intent on raising open-minded kids who will take a stand for human rights and dignity for all, this book provides an absolutely wonderful foundation. It moves along at a fun, quick pace thanks to the clever prose comprised entirely of action items that make “doing something” so accessible: Make buttons. Inquire. March. Light a candle. Persist. Organize. Give time. Have hope. 

And as you can see, Jared Andrew Schorr’s cut-paper illustrations are wonderfully charming and engaging, with lots of detail for kids to discover.

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Peaceful Fights for Human Rights by Rob Sandars: Kids learn peaceful protest tactics in this engaging new book.

Peaceful Fights for Human Rights by Rob Sandars: Help kids find their own way to become activists.


Peaceful Fights for Human Rights by Rob Sandars: First, learn. Then, get involved through this cool new book for kids.

Peaceful Fights for Human Rights by Rob Sandars: Kids can get inspired to "be the change" in this new book.

I love seeing boys and girls, men and women, pets and babies, and even androgynous characters without clearly defined gender. There are ladies with prosthetic legs, men with tattered clothes, burly men wearing baby carriers, tattooed moms, a grandma knitting a pink hat.

And there’s a football player, taking a knee.

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While this book is meant to inspire our young kids to be the change the want to see in the world, I have to be honest, it’s impacted me too. In fact, I now have a few new ideas of my own for ways to get engaged and involved in issues I care about after reading this wonderful book.

You can now find Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights by Rob Sanders and Jared Andrew Schorr in your local bookstore or library, or at our affiliate Amazon. Buy a copy, give a copy to your kid’s teacher, and donate a copy to their school library. This is one worth sharing.