Leave it to Free to Be Kids to create a collection of positiveĀ multi-denominational holiday tees for kids and babiesĀ that I couldn’t wait to run here to share with you all.

We’ve joked before about the dearth of cool, clever Hanukkah tees and gifts for kids, but yay! Now we have one more cool one to add to the list: TheĀ Keep Shining menorah tee, also available as a cotton dress, baby onesie, and a cute cozy romper.

Positive kids' holiday tees: Keep shining kids' Hannukah tee is sweet, not sassy

Take the time to read the description on the site by the way, which points out that in a menorah, the the shamash candle (in the middle)Ā  lights the others without dimming it own, making for a lovely metaphor for teaching kids about building up others and sharing your own light.


Whatever you celebrate...a positive, inclusive holiday tee for kids from Free to Be Kids


Multi-denominational kids' holiday tees with positive messages, for a happy everything! | Free to Be Kids

Should you have a Christmukwanzukkah family, Free to Be Kids also offer sweet series of tees and rompers designed to wish everyone a happy everything.

There’s a Best Month Ever tee, and a Whatever You Celebrate…tee. Because love and inclusivity truly embody the spirit of the season for all, whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Dio De Los Muertes, Bodhi Day, the winter Solstice or just New Year’s Eve.

And instead of a sassy line about Christmas being all about presents, they are offering this sweet Wake Me When It’s Christmas teeĀ — perfect for babies.Ā  And uh, tired parents like me.

Positive kids' holiday tees: Wake me when it's Christmas via Free to Be Kids

If you want more information about Courtney Hartman’s mom-run company, and why I love supporting her work, read her blog post, in which she describes these tees as their worst business decision ever.

While only 2.2% of Americans are Jewish (and not a huge market for holiday tees to begin with), she created the designs to show solidarity with Jewish Americans, particularly in light of an increase in anti-semitism over the past two years.

And the company is committed to putting out tees with positive holiday messages, even knowing that the best-sellers at chain stores are the sassy kids’ Christmas tees with slogans like “just here for the presents.”

Kind of the opposite of what they’re setting out to do. And we’re here for it.

Because one of the benefits of Cool Mom Picks being an indie publication, is that, like Free to Be Kids, we can show you the things that reflect our values and are meaningful to some of you, if not to all of you. In fact, this post right here will never get as many clicks as a post about CELEBRITY NOSE JOBS, BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS YOU WON’T BELIEVE! But we can live with that.


Positive multi-denominational kids' tees and rompers by Free to Be Kids

Find the cool 2018 collection of multi-denominational holiday tees for kids and babiesĀ — and adults — at Free to Be Kids. Hurry though, Hanukkah starts Dec 2 this year!