We’ve seen Seuss stockings. We’ve seen Mermaid stockings but I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed as hard at a stocking as I did when Kristen shared these knit Yip Yips Muppet stockings with me.

With the help of a free knitting or crochet pattern offered by Carissa Browning in her Ravelry shop, you can create your own wonderful handmade holiday or birthday gift for a favorite old skool Muppet fan; especially for friends (like me!) who grew up adoring the tech-curious alien visitors.

I even love the artist’s suggestion that they can also be used for toy storage, since the finished Yip-Yip is about 25″ around, and 14″ tall. Martian tentacles excluded.

If you’re a knitter, be sure to check out the other wonderful, downloadable knitting patterns in Carissa’s Ravelry shop, including a genius Wonder Woman shawl, a unicorn inspired wrap that my 11-year-old daughter would loooooove, as well as wraps inspired by a stegosaurus and a triceratops. She definitely has her agile fingers on the pulse of pop culture.

h/t Daily Crochet, image © Carissa Browning