I don’t think it’s a surprise that our kids are obsessed right now with mermaid blankets, mermaid Vans, and  mermaid pillows — and that we adults are fully giving into the obsession.  In a world gone somewhat mad, a little fairy magic can certain brighten a day. So why not brightening your holiday?

And with that, I present to you: Mermaid Christmas stockings!

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From Ohio Etsy shop On the Beach Boutique, choose from the classic Christmas-red sequins (which totally cracks me up), a swanky gold sequin for a little more glam; or go full-on sparkle-loving, squealing, mermaid aficionado with hot pink or rainbow.

They’re under 20 bucks, but you can personalize it with a name for another $5. Which of course, you will need.

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Personalized mermaid Christmas stockings via On the Beach Boutique on Etsy | coolmompicks.com

Custom mermaid stockings in multicolored sequins! | on the beach boutique on Etsy

I think I can safely say that I know a few girls in my life who would flip out to find these hanging up Christmas morning. In fact, they wouldn’t even need them filled with anything at all.*

(*Yes they would.)

I mean, it’s not like Christmas needs more magic to bring it to life for wide-eyed kids. But really, is there ever too much magic on Christmas?

Find the sequin Mermaid Christmas Stockings on Etsy from On the Beach Boutique.

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