Need a creative gift that doesn’t cost a fortune and will have the recipient saying, you got me WHAT?! in a happy, not horrified, way? You’ve got to check out the Succulent-of-the-Month subscription club from Succulent Studios.

When I saw the company pop up in an Instagram post in my feed, I literally gasped, ran to my husband and said, oh please oh please oh please, get me this for Christmas!

Subtle, I am not.

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Holiday gift: Succulent Studios monthly club

Why the excitement? Well, succulents, which include both sedum and cactus plants, are my #1 favorite little plants because they are so easy for those of us without green thumbs to grow, and they’re especially perfect for us busy parents who do not need one more thing to fuss over, or for tweens and teens to help them learn to take responsibility for keeping something alive.

(The shipment even includes care info to make it even easier.)

Plus, holy smokes, are they cute, with their weird little shapes and funny names like Jelly Bean Plant and Baby Donkey’s Tail. Though you can call Drunkard’s Dream by the Latin name in front of the kids if you roll that way.

Because it is a subscription, you can send two tiny, eight-week-old succulent plants every month for three, six, or twelve months, all for just $10 a month plus shipping. It’s such a reasonable, yet totally cool and different gift idea.

Or, if you’d love to be on the receiving end of the succulent of the month gift, just forward this post to someone you love as a totally unsubtle hint. Hey, it worked for me!

Send a 3, 6, or 12-month Succulent-of-the-Month gift from Succulent Studios, and your recipient will receive two small, California-grown succulent houseplants. Be sure to order by 12/15 for delivery of the first box before Christmas — or just grab a pretty pot or tiny watering can and include a card explaining the awesome gift they will receive in a few weeks.