I’m looking at the hot new eyewear trends for the coming year, and I’m so excited! My sunglasses definitely need an update — one of the downsides of rarely losing my glasses, is that everything I own now is looking kind of dated or is kind of beat up. Or both. So sad.

Luckily, I’m finding so many fantastic deals right now on sunglasses and eyeglasses that can help launch you (and me!) into 2019 in style so you look great on the go. All without having to shell out for a spendy new coat.

From affordable steals to worthy splurges, here are some fun ways to frame your face beautifully in the coming year.

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2019 Eyewear Trend 1: So Much Color!

If one thing can you (or ahem, me) up to eyewear snuff for the new year, it’s to trade those black shades for some bright, fun, unapologetic color.  Versace 57mm Cat Eye Sunglasses in a funky purple with green accents. ($240, Nordstrom) Yeah, it’s daring for someone like me who clings to my black frames,, but that’s what makes it stand out. You know, like a new hair cut and color. Only it lasts more than 4 weeks!

Ganni Lulu sunglasses in blue nail a few of the top 2019 eyewear trends all at once

if you want to get into color without going straight to purple and green — in which case, I hear you — you’ll find practically every color under the rainbow, out there, which is a nice way to brighten up winter. One of my favorites are these blue Lulu cat eye sunglasses by Ganni. Isn’t that blue just so pretty? ($235, ShopBop)


2019 Eyewear Trend 2: Patterned Frames, Beyond Tortoise

Eyewear trends for 2019: L.A.M.B. Evoli sunglasses in patterned frames



Another way to change up your sunglasses right now is to look for fun patterns in the frame. L.A.M.B is nailing this beautifully right now with so many styles, like the L.A.M.B. Evoli Sunglasses, above. ($179, Frames Direct) I was sent a pair and color me impressed. These are the kinds of sturdy, high-quality frames that help you understand why it’s worth it to spend a little more on a good pair of glasses.

The Bone Black (at left) blends mother-of-pearl, black and metallic making it funky but not outrageous — but hey, if you’re up for .more color that blue is so cool. And you don’t have to be Gwen Stefani to pull them off. I’m living proof.

2019 eyewear trends: LAMB Paloma sunglasses are a subtle way to wear the patterned frame trend

If you want to be a little more subtle but still dip your toe into the patterned sunglass frame trend, try the L.A.M.B. Paloma Sunglasses in three different colors. I love the two-tone frame that blends the pattern with a solid block over top. ($179, Frames Direct)


2019 Eyewear Trend 3: Bling and Studs

Eyewear trends for 2019: Versace Medusa Stud Glasses

I always like when blingy sunglasses come back in style, and I’ve been around long enough to see that happen…well, a few times. Right not it ranges from sparkly “look at me” glasses, to more rock-n-roll industrial studded options. For the latter, check out these Versace Medusa Stud Glasses which are so beautifully designed — notice how the glass extends all the way across the shades from one end to the other? So cool. ($385, Nordstrom)

2019 eyewear trends: bling and studs like these Gucci Faux Pearl Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses

I am decidedly not rap star, fashion mogul, Oscar nominee, or Met Ball invitee, or else you would totally see me rocking these Gucci Simulated Pearl Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses. I doubt many of you will be wearing them either, but I had to share them anyway because…wow. Even if they don’t keep too much of the sun out which, for this price, they probably should? ($1230, Bloomingdales)

Quay Roxanne studded sunglasses let you wear one of the biggest 2019 eyeglass trends affordably

Don’t worry, the studded look isn’t for the rich and famous only. Take a look at the fun Roxanne sunglasses by Quay, with the tiny studs around the perimeter of the lenses, and an aviator shape that’s fairly universally flattering. ($65, Shopbop)


2019 Eyewear Trend 4: 80s Redux

2019 Eyeglass Trends: Rimless 80s style like these rimless butterfly sunglasses by Diff

When I think of 80s sunglasses, I think of the eyewear equivalent of the Flock of Seagulls haircut — angular, asymmetrical, outrageous. Whether it’s vibrant color-tinted lenses, frameless glasses, or chunky geometric frames, you’ll see a ton of these details in 2019.  One way to wear the look relatively affordably: go with these fun, Goldie Rimless Butterfly Sunglasses by Diff. ($85, Nordstrom)

Ray-Ban round glasses: totally back in style for 2019

You can also go with basically any pair of Ray-Bans at all. As you probably know. Aviator, Wayfarers (especially in patterned frames), the little round Lennon type glasses…you name it. These polarized round flash lenses by Ray Ban offer lenses in five different colors, from neutral to smashing. ($203, Ray-Ban)


2019 Eyewear Trend 5: Square Frames

Eyewear trends for 2019: Square frames like Leith angular square frames which are super affordable

This can be a tougher eyewear trend to pull off because it doesn’t always suit wider faces, but there are a lot of variations I’m seeing in square frames. One of my favorites: the very affordable Leith Angular Flat Square Glasses which have those fun angles that keep it looking really modern. ($19, Nordstrom)

Eyewear trends for 2019: Tori Burch's wearable women's square sunglasses

If you don’t want to go quite so extreme, with the shape try the Tory Burch Women’s Square Sunglasses which are more of a rounded square (you can see it better when you look at them straight on) that will look terrific on lots of face shapes. ($131.75 on sale for a limited time, Bloomingdales)


2019 Eyewear Trend 6: Cat Eye Frames

This might be my favorite of all, because I’ve always loved a good cat eye as a way to instantly look stylish without going too crazy. You’ll find everything from tiny, 50s-meets-80s styles to these very wearable Kate Spade Karina/S cat eye sunglasses which you can grab on sale now at a great price. It looks great on so many face shapes. ($96 on sale for a limited time, Frames Direct)

You can also go full-on Eartha Kitt with the more narrow cat eye glasses out there, some embellished, some colorful, from pretty much every brand out there in every price range.  For a major steal, check out these Shady Lady Char Cat Eye glasses in that totally tubular 80s red. Which actually hits three of the big 2019 eyewear trends all at once. So fun. ($40, Nordstrom)