If you’re looking for some last-minute Crhristmas gifts that can add a few more goodies under the tree, I’ve got a sweet, sentimental idea for you. It costs nothing (well, maybe a few cents), and it might just end up being the favorite gift of the year.

This year I’m asking each of my kids to write a personal letter to their grandparents.

They’re illustrating their letters and using their best handwriting. Bonus points for cursive — because, grandparents.

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For my teens, who sometimes aren’t as talkative as their grandparents would hope, this will be especially meaningful. If you have younger kids, allow them to narrate a letter that you can write out, word for word.

For my own kids, I left the “assignment” pretty open ended but provided them with some writing prompts:
     -What was your favorite memory with your grandparent this year?
     -What’s your favorite Christmas tradition with your grandparent?
     -What do you love most about your grandparent?

If you can’t hand the letter to the grandparents in person on Christmas, or make mail delivery in time, take a good quality photo of the letter and e-send it to them for now — but be sure to follow up with the real deal.

Taking the time for a heartfelt message like this will mean so much to the grandparents, and I can’t wait to see their faces when they read their notes. Who knows, maybe we’ll even gift them in a festive scrapbook so that my kids can add to the collection each year.

Photo at top by Raphael Jeanneret on Pixabay