On our Facebook page this week, we shared a meme from Mother Playlist, that said, I’m going to write a parenting book called “Fine. Whatever. Go ahead.”

Can you relate?

Hilarious as our Facebook followers are, they started sharing titles of their own parenting books, and we think a publisher needs to snap these up, stat! With full credit and all advances and royalties to the title creators, of course.


Stop Smelling Your Brother!: And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say, by ErinKate O’Donnell

Please Don’t Do That at the Dinner Table, by Sara Harris

It Isn’t Morning Yet, by Megan Helms


I Asked Nicely the First Three Times, by Robyn Roark

Did You Look for 2 Minutes?, by Amee Thompson Dulmes

“Don’t Tell Your Mother” (And They Always Tell Her), by Joshua White

Everything is Sticky, by Cate Simms

Fine, I’ll Just Do It, by Suzanne Kehoe Kosmer

Eat 4 Carrots and Then I Don’t Care, by Jennie Houghton

I Love You But…, by Holly Vivian Hughes

I’m Sorry I Judged You Before I Had Kids, by Lisa Perez


Thanks to our amazing Facebook community! You’re our kind of parents. And thanks to @MotherPlaylist for the inspo – she’s a fun follow on Instagram.

Top image: Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash