One of the great new trends at Toy Fair 2019 this week was the explosion of really thoughtful, creative craft kits. As you all well know, we’re big fans of craft kits as gifts for kids, especially when craft kits enable kids to make their own gifts for friends and family.

One of my favorite discoveries: Pretty Twisted Craft Kits, a relatively new, woman-run, indie company that makes really thoughtful kits that feel like they come from your favorite craft bloggers, not from a big marketing company.

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Color your own mug craft kits from Pretty Twisted have more sophisticated mandala and "adult coloring" graphic designs

Color your own mug kits featuring mandalas and more adult designs. They make amazing gifts! | Twisted Crafts

One of my favorite kids of handmade gifts, especially for parents or grandparents, are color-your-own mugs because hello? Parents + caffeine + sentimentality. The Twisted Crafts color-your-own mug craft kits featuring more adult coloring book style graphics which is great for tweens and tweens who have grown out of the “world’s best grandma” mugs.

(The mandala design shown in my pic from Toy Fair is coming out soon.)

Besides, if you mess this craft up, you can always wash it off and start over. Just don’t put it in the dishwasher! (Been there, cried about that.)

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Kids can make their own gifts with Pretty Twisted felted bag and tablet case craft kits

If you’re thinking about kits that could make great Mother’s Day gifts, another cute option are the needle-felted clutch kits or tablet cases from Pretty Twisted. In designs like hearts, flowers, or rainbows and clouds,  the come with absolutely everything you need, including detailed instructions.

Cross-stitch pendant craft kits let kids DIY for homemade mother's day gifts or gifts for friends

For a craft idea that’s a little simpler for beginning crafters, the DIY cross stitch pendants are charming and come with two to a pack — mommy/me gift, perhaps?

Pretty Twisted makes patch decorating and embroidery craft kits in fun themes like cute foods and rock n roll

Their patch decorating DIY kits are so on trend for kids with themes like kawaii food, rock n roll, and general trendy fun including emojis, unicorns and cactii. You get three patches per kit, and can add extension kits so you can make more with the supplies you already have.

They’re not yet available on their Etsy shop, but you can find them via their EnMart storefront, or search Pretty Twisted in stores like Jo-Ann’s online.

Kids can make their own gifts or room decor with Pretty Twisted string art kits in lots of styles

Llama String Art Kit from Pretty Twisted lets kids make their own gifts or decor

Llama string art kit lets kids make their own gifts and decor, from Pretty Twisted

And then there are the series of string art craft kits — another trend that was big at Toy Fair this year. Especially the llama string art kit which gets you two-two-two trends in one! But they have hearts, sugar skulls, and more, coming soon.

Inspired yet? Cool.

And hey, more of that coming soon.