As a parent who’s trying to motivate my young son to be kind and behave well without the promise of copious amounts of sugar, I was so pleased to find these truly wonderful Be Kind stickers at Star Salts Etsy shop.

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They caught my eye partly because they feature wonderful icons of kindness, going beyond the traditional role models Also, they’re totally adorable.

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Be Kind Stickers from Star Salts feature non-traditional icons of kindness |

The sticker set includes 6 modern kindness icons whose names you’ve certainly seen here: Marie Kondo, Steve Irwin, Bob Ross, LeVar Burton (one of our favorite Spawned podcast guests!), Mr. Rogers, and Carl Sagan.

(Can we put in a request for more women though, please? These are so wonderful, we’d love to see Rosa Parks, Princess Diana, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Goodall, Harriet Tubman, Jane Goodall…)

Each one encourages kids to be kind in a different way. Like, Marie Kondo suggests we be kind to our belongings, as you might have imagined, while Carl Sagan encourages us to care for the universe, and LeVar Burton suggests we be kind to our minds.


Be Kind Stickers from Star Salts feature non-traditional icons of kindness like Carl Sagan's be kind to the universe |

We’d put them on our own laptops and notebooks and iPhone cases, but I think they make wonderful little reward stickers for our kids, too. Because at a stage of life when caring for your toys means being kind to their parents too, it seems like the perfect little treat for picking up those LEGO bricks without being asked.

Pre-order your Be Kind stickers at the Star Salts Etsy shop now, or buy the same design in a cool ready-to-order print.