Susan Petersen’s Freshly Picked has kept us busy over the years, with incredible collabs and cult-favorite designs, and their latest offering will have you Disney-Pixar lovers squeeing: Check out their incredibly adorable Toy Story moccasin designs, created in partnership with Disney Baby.

If you grew up with Andy and co, or know a mom-to-be who did (baby shower gift alert!) then you’re going to love these.

The new Toy Story baby mocs from Freshly Picked: 4 different styles featuring your favorite Toy Story characters

The new Toy Story baby mocs from Freshly Picked: The Jessie cowgirl is adorable!

The new Toy Story baby mocs from Freshly Picked : Buzz Lightyear in sizes from baby to kid

The new Toy Story baby mocs from Freshly Picked: Little Bo Peep

There’s a cute Toy Story City pattern featuring the entire Toy Story gang — Woody, Bullseye, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Slinky Dog, Ham and Rex. But if you have a favorite character, you can opt for an edgier baby moc featuring Buzz Lightyear and the aliens with a neon yellow leather sole; a pink-up-the-whazoo Bo Peep moc complete with a rainbow and a big pink Bow (to go with the Bo); a really cool, retro styled Woody moc; and then my favorite, Jessie the yodeling cowgirl in a sweet mary-jane style baby moc.

The new Toy Story baby mocs come in lots of styles with favorite characters, like this retro-looking Woody moc

However there is something a pretty special about the Woody mocs, which feature Andy’s own “signature” adorning the leather soles.

This is the kind of detail that makes Freshly Picked designs so wonderful. So much so, they’re frequently knocked-off, which, grrrrr. I say, splurge for a beautifully made original, even if it costs a wee bit more, because you’re supporting an innovative maker or artist who really cares about the quality of the products they put out,.

Sheriff Woody would totally agree.

The Toy Story moccasins for Freshly Picked are available now for pre-order on the site, with an estimated ship date in April, 2019