Whether you’re a skeptic, an astrology devotee, or just curious about the science behind it, we had the most fascinating chat with Mimi Truong, a life coach, trained lawyer by background…and an astrologer.

She combines strategic coaching expertise with her extensive knowledge of astrological natal charts to help clients create lasting change, find more joy, develop more authenticity and discover more freedom. Her premise is that by knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, you can become a gift to the world…and to others.

So obviously, we were all, tell us more!

What is clear from Mimi: Astrology is not fortune telling. It’s not “you will have 6 kids and live on a farm.” It’s not a fatalistic view of your life, but a way to empower you with more information about yourself and your place in the universe.

You have to listen to this one!

Not only will you potentially learn more about how to look at your own sign, but Mimi reads Liz’s chart on the air (which Liz hadn’t yet heard), and…whoa.

Then, she reveals the most amazing surprise about Liz and Kristen’s relationship based on an overlap of our charts which BLEW. OUR. FREAKING. MINDS.

How Mimi Truong combines astrology with career and life coaching Photo: Mimi Truong

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How to find your own moon and rising signs:

Mimi recommends Astro.com as a reliable source for your free astrological chart. The natal charts, ascendant page will get you started, but to interpret it, consider seeing an expert (the same way you don’t really want to self-diagnose on Web MD without seeing a doctor).

If you want to get your own chart and life coaching from Mimi, find her on Instagram @igzolted

A few topics we discuss on the show:

-Why astrology is not something to “believe” or not believe.

-How much do we control, and how much do we surrender and “trust” in the abundance of the universe?

-Why your sun sign is not the person who you are.

-How to find your own sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign, and what they each signify.

-How your moon sign is of particular interest to mothers!

-Why you shouldn’t get a chart for a newborn.

-Why understanding who you are and who you’re meant to be can help guide you to be the hero in your own life.

-What is Mercury in retrograde anyway?!

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Mimi: TheOne Strange Rock NatGeo series on Netflix series is narrated by Will Smith and produced by Darren Aronofsky, and describes the earth from eight astronaut’s different stories.

Revenge of the Sis: The new Jedi Academy graphic novel series by Amy Ignatow

Liz: Revenge of the Sis: A Christina Starspeeder Story is the newest book from the Jedi Academy by Amy Ignatow and Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Quip's new toothbrush for kids: Kristen's cool pick of the week on Spawned

Kristen: Quip’s new toothbrush for kids is making her — and all of her kids — very happy, and the subscription service is a lifesaver! (Oh, and they’re not a Spawned sponsor…but don’t you think they should be?)

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