It’s become a cliché that everyone today wants a trophy. Not true at all. Some of us are perfectly happy with a first-place ribbon. And so you have to check out the very funny award ribbons at Frankie and Claude, honoring all kinds of everyday achievements.

There are award ribbons that would be perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays, graduations, promotions, marriages, divorces, random pick-me ups…you name it.  I mean, Most Likely to Do Epic Sh*t?  Young & Broke but Talented? Famous on the Internet?  Most Likely to be In Bed by 9PM? Surely you can come up with someone to match each dubious accolade.Funny award ribbons: WebMD Award

Funny award ribbons: Instagram award

Funny award ribbons: Young  and Broke but Talented

Funny award ribbons: Dumpster fire

Funny award ribbons: Not the worst

Funny award ribbons: Famous on the Internet

Funny award ribbons: Most likely to do epic sh*t

Now I must admit they remind me of the wonderful Everyday Bravery Pins by Emily McDowell — but while those do in fact honor the awesome stuff about us that isn’t honored enough, like speaking your mind or accepting your flaws, these take the more…cynical route.

In other words, be sure you’re giving the ribbons to a friend who can take a joke.

As for me, happy to accept my Most Likely to Overthink Everything ribbon any time.

Find the very funny everyday award ribbons at Frankie and Claude for $6.50