Could you use a little more calm around the house? Fewer fights? Lower blood pressure? (Mostly yours?) On this week’s episode of the Spawned Parenting Podcast, we’re going to help you reduce conflict in your family — also known as screaming and yelling —  thanks to some really fresh tips from author Sue Groner of The Parenting Mentor.

We think you’ll find a few surprises here — we sure did. A little practice and we bet you’ll have a more peaceful home in no time.

A few topics we touch on:

-How (and why!) not to solve some of your kids’ problems

-The CLEARR method of parenting: What it is and how to put it to use

-Why tone matters

-The words and phrases to eliminate in your conversations

-The platinum rule vs the golden rule

-How a hands-off approach with kids really is a sign of respect

Tune in right here right now.

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Parenting: 101 Ways to Rock Your World is a great, simple book for parents to help reduce conflict and make life at home more joyful

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Our Cool Picks of the Week

SPEKS mini magnetic set is like a fidget toy 2.0 | cool birthday gifts for teens

Sue: I’m Sorry, the irreverent comedy starring Andrea Savage. S1 is now airing on Netflix.

Kristen: The Life Skills Series from Asha and Christine of Edit Your Life Show is encouraging parents to learn more than how to make their beds.

Liz: Our newly launched Ultimate Birthday Gift Guide 2019 was a labor of love — check it out! One favorite pick with our own older kids are the Speks magnetic balls (above), which are featured among our favorite gifts for teens. It’s like a fidget toy 2.0.


Top image: jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

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