Is some new toothbrush a thing to get all pumped about? Generally…no. I mean I am a recent devotee of Quip and Quip Kids after reading Kristen’s raving reviews, but now I’ve found a low-tech toothbrush that gets me just as excited about dental hygiene.

MamaP toothbrushes are a wonderful, eco-friendly spin on toothbrushes from a small mom-run brand doing truly great things to give back to the earth, and to causes that are dear to our own hearts.

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Sustainable, recyclable toothbrushes from MamaP also give back to different causes. The color coding tells you which one

Each color of adult and child’s size toothbrushes correspond to a different high-impact charity supported by your purchase.

Blue is for ocean conservation. Green supports the grassroots mental health work of NAMI.  Black and yellow donates to efforts to save bees facing extinction, an increasingly important yet under-reported ecological problem. Orange and red (not pink!) is for women’s rights to safe and accessible healthcare, with donations to Planned Parenthood.

And rainbow, of course, is for LGBTQ equality with support going to one of my favorite charities, The Trevor Project.

Oh, like your kids won’t beg for a rainbow toothbrush!

MamaP bamboo toothbrushes: Each color corresponds to a cause the company gives back to, from saving the ocean to LGBTQ equality

I love the eco-story as well; all handles are made from sustainable bamboo, and the company has eliminated nearly all the plastic from their supply chain besides the soft nylon bristles, which are recyclable too. Their site even offers tips for composting, recycling, or exchanging your used brushes for a discount.

What a lovely way for you to put your money quite literally where your mouth is.

Visit the MamaP toothbrush website for eco-friendly toothbrushes supporting great causes. You can order one time or a subscription.