We all fell in love with artist Karen Hallion’s “She Series” empowered heroines poster last year, which featured some of our favorite fictional badass ladies (plus Eliza Hamilton). This week, she announced a brand new limited-edition poster in the series, this time featuring real-life heroines through history.

The best part is, it was specially designed with teachers and librarians in mind, so she’s donating 10% of all proceeds to one of our all-time to charities, Donors Choose, to help support classrooms in need.

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Artist Karen Hallion's new poster featuring favorite real-life heroines

It would look fantastic in any classroom — and frankly, fantastic in our kids’ rooms, too. And I think it would make a terrific end-of-year teacher gift (should you be thinking that far ahead.)

Of course I love every single one of the nine women featured here, and Karen’s evocative depictions. That said, I hope that she comes out with 10 more limited-edition posters in this series. There’s no shortage of amazing women in the world who have done amazing things that our sons and daughters should know about.