Just when I thought I could never love another print as much as I love my Michelle Obama print, along comes this amazing She-Series collage poster from Karen Hallion featuring so many of my favorite self-saving, empowered female heroines from books, movies, and comics.

I adore every single one of the nine amazing characters depicted in this print, from Black Panther’s Okoye to Star Wars’ Rey to real-life shero, Angelica Schuyler.

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Each female icon is represented by one action verb: defend, wonder, explore, resist, honor, work, resist, imagine, rebel, and my favorite, slay.

All tasks that women — and especially moms — perform on a daily basis.

rey Resist poster by Karen Hallion on Etsy from her She Series of prints

If you love the style and ethos of this print, Karen offers designs honoring tons of pop culture favorites, whether you love Star Wars, Hamilton, or just owning your Nasty Woman self.

Feminist agenda print featuring favorite empowered heroines, by Karen Hallion

The feminist agenda print is pretty awesome, too.  We know a few daughters of the CMP team these days who would love to have one hanging over their beds.

Okoye "Defend" poster and pin by Karen Hallion on Etsy from her She Series of prints

Or if any one of the nine feminist characters from her She Series collage speak to you more than others, you can order them as individual prints or even as wearable pins to provide a little added boost of inspiration as you go about your day.

I’m not the only one who can use that, right?

Find the She-Series collage poster from Karen Hallion at her Etsy shop. If it, or any of the individual she-series prints or she series pins read as “sold out,” contact the artist or click to be notified when it’s back in stock! She seems to update frequently.