If you’re like me, you might be struggling to find a meaningful, inspiring doll choice for your kids on the shelves of the toy aisle in your closest big box store. But when I heard about the new collection of Worldgirls dolls, I got excited.

This is the kind of doll I’d love to share with my daughters.

Instead of encouraging kids to pick the Worldgirls doll that looks most like themselves, the owners — Black, Brooklyn-based twin sisters Laken and Carlissa King — ask kids to pick the doll that best resembles their personality. By recognizing the strengths identified with each doll, the idea is for kids to learn to see their own inner powers, too.

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Each Worldgirls doll comes with a book and iron-on patches.

Worldgirls new diverse doll collection: Zari hails from Barbados

The collection currently includes explorer Pemberly from New York City, rebel Maud from Stockholm, and scholar Zari from Bridgetown, Barbados. How cool that they’re so modern, and their diversity extends beyond skin color.

A warrior and healer are planned next, which is pretty rad.

(Has AG done anything with warriors or healers? I”m guessing no.)

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Read about your Worldgirls doll's journey to Worldgirls Hall in the accompanying book.

Each doll also comes with a storybook focused on her journey to Worldgirls Hall, a fantastical and ancient boarding school, reminiscent of Hogwarts. But what kids may really love is that she comes with a very cool embroidered patch, for adding flair to a backpack or denim jacket, so that your kid can display her own Explorer, Rebel, or Scholar within her.

You can find the Worldgirls dolls at their website (with free US shipping!), and sign up to get notifications about when new dolls will be released.