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A lot of family members offer practical gifts that help support our kids in big ways, like school tuition, summer camp, after school activities, and college savings plan donations. And here’s one more that can really help make a child’s quality of life so much better:  The gift of better eyesight.

1 in 4 kids have an undetected vision problem. It often goes undiagnosed because so many families don’t have vision coverage for proper eye exams, and standard pediatric offices don’t offer advanced eye exam technology.

That’s where VSP Individual Vision Plans come in.

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VSP Vision plans make an amazing gift to help save families money on eyesore (Sponsor)

Glasses and eye care can be expensive!  So VSP helps families save on eye exams, with extremely reasonable copays — as low as $15 a visit — from the largest independent doctor network in the country.

You’ll also get a substantial allowance to spend on those glasses and contacts, which can all really add up.

(Especially when a kid’s style changes from one year to the next. You know what we’re talking about.)

It’s amazing what a difference it makes in a child’s life when they can finally see the chalkboard in school, do homework without eye strain, even enjoy movies and sporting events — perhaps even seeing them clearly for the first time.

VSP Vision plans help families save on eye exams, eyewear, contacts and more. (sponsor)

Enroll in VSP today for your own child, or maybe drop a hint to a generous family member looking for a gift that truly helps support your child’s well-being. The next eye exam could be life changing.

For more info, visit or call (855) 958-4746.



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