Just last week we read an article that said Japan Airlines would soon to be letting their customers know where children would be sitting on the plane. So what’s next? Kid sections in restaurants? With Kristen’s husband and Liz’s ex in the restaurant industry (along with our belief that eating out in restaurants teaches kids so many things) we decided to tackle this classic parenting debate on our latest Spawned Parenting Podcast episode.

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A few links from our show

– Food and Wine talked about why restaurants are banning kids back in 2017

– We love this Thrillist article that talks about why restaurants should be kid friendly.

– Here’s a helpful article about eating out with kids over at Cup of Jo.

Surviving restaurants with toddlers: Great product reco.

How to skip the kids’ menu in restaurants and still save some dough.

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Our Cool Picks of the Week 

Creatable World gender-neutral dolls and dress-up kits are more inclusive for all kids

Liz: The new gender neutral doll from Mattel are beautiful for all kinds of reason.

Kristen: Gorgeous bracelets from Ubuntu Life that support an amazing cause.

Top Photo by Abigail Miller on Unsplas

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