Seems like Mattel is having a heck of a month in terms of innovation in inclusivity. Because they’ve just announced the release of UNO Braille, an UNO deck developed in partnership with the National Federation of the Blind that’s going to allow more families to have more family game night options. .

Not surprisingly, the blind community devotes a ton of time to creating or modifying version of favorite games so they can play too. Or, they’re visiting specialized stores for the blind to find tactile board game versions of Scrabble, Monopoly, or Chinese Checkers.

(Oh, and that Braille Monopoly board? $59. On sale. Oof.)

So how amazing that there’s a popular, mainstream game, now ready-made for Braille readers?

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UNO Braille card deck allows more inclusive family game nights

The new UNO Braille card deck lets sighted and visually impaired people play together

Each card in the UNO Braille deck features the standard UNO imagery, plus Braille on the corners of each card to indicate color, number or action. This way, if you have a blind or low vision person in your family, they can play right along with sighted players, so everyone can participate. Together.

My only complaint: The game is $9.99, compared with about $5.99 for the standard decks. Though I imagine more goes into the production of this edition, and when you are printing in more limited runs of any deck of cards, the price does go up.

Find the UNO Braille edition deck exclusively from Target and
You can even download play instructions featuring .BRF (braille readable files) from — the link should be live shortly.