This go round, we’re going to change things up a bit in the Cool Mom Picks Virtual Book Club, because I’m going to be talking about two selections that I know are relevant to so many parents these days.

In light of the recent Climate Strike marches around the world the so many of our kids participated in, and with the headline-making Greta Thunberg capturing so many of our hearts, our kids are discovering activism. They’re also discovering the idea that one kid can indeed make a difference, especially if there are more to follow right behind.

So, I’ve chosen two titles from our article about 5 terrific books about kids and activism.

First, there’s You Are Mighty: A Guide to Changing the World by Caroline Paul and Lauren Tamaki. It offers kids a list of simple. ways to make a difference, from small to big, and even creative DIY projects. Next, there’s Marley Dias Gets It Done! And So Can You, by the 11-year-old force behind the #1000BlackGirlBooks movement.  I love that this book is penned by a kid herself, offering her own perspective — especially on how to use social media for good, and how valuable the library can be.

Together, they should make for a great discussion about some things we can do as parents to help encourage our kids passions for various causes, whatever they may be, and how we can best inspire and support them.

You can buy both books through the links above from our affiliate Amazon, download the ebooks, or visit your local indie bookstore. Then, let’s talk!

Join us Weds October 23, 2019 at 9pm ET [note new date] for our  live book club chat about raising activist kids. Details and discussion guide below!

While you’re grabbing the book, maybe pick up a fresh bottle of wine to enjoy during our chat?


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Then you’ll have everything you need to join me on October 23, and hopefully end ups with some great, actionable plans to take back to your kids the next morning.

Reminder: This is a low-pressure book club! Even if you don’t finish the books, get through only a few chapters — or are just interested in the topic of supporting your kids’ interest in activism but haven’t read the books at all, you can still join us. We’re busy too, we get it!

To join our video chat about Marley Dias Gets it Done! and You Are Mighty, you can check “going” or “interested” on the Facebook event invitation to get a reminder. (It’s easy!) just visit this link.


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Discussion Guide Questions for You are Mighty and Marley Dias Gets it Done

Children's books about activism: You Are Mighty: A Guide to Changing the World by Caroline Paul

Children's books about activism: Marley Dias Gets It Done by Marley Dias

Think about some of these questions, whether or not you’ve read the books. They’ll help guide our discussion on 10/23. 

– What are the causes your kids seem to care about? Make a list. Or if that hasn’t come up, think about their passions and how they can turn them into causes.

– How do you talk to your kids about “being the change we wish to see in the world?”

–  Both authors write about using social media as a tool for good. How can we impart that to our kids?

– Where are the opportunities in your community to help your kids pursue their passions as growing activists? Volunteering? Rallies? Sitting in a school board or city hall meeting? Starting an after-school club?

– What are some ways your child can think to raise money for their cause. Get creative! (Not that there’s anything wrong with a bake sale.)

– How can you, as a parent encourage your kids’ activism? What have you done. and what more could you be doing?


Check out our Facebook Live Book Club discussion about these two great books about raising activist kids on Weds October 23, 9 PM ET/6PM PT. We’d love to hear your questions and your own advice!

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