After speaking with Dr. Ken Ginbsburg on our Spawned Parenting Podcast, I went out and bought all his books, one of which I’m thrilled to share is the next pick for our Cool Mom Picks Virtual Book Club. I found his approach to parenting teens (and well, kids in general) to be so powerful that I’m excited to dive into Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Kids Roots and Wings (Avail through our affiliate Amazon or your local bookseller.)

Of all the things I want my own kids to have, it’s resilience, but teaching the concept of feeling grounded and free to soar is complicated. That’s where Dr. Ken Ginsburg comes in as he so masterfully shares his expertise and experience (both clinically and personally – he’s a dad).

Join us November 13, 2019 at 9pm ET for our live book club chat about this book. Details and discussion guide below!

While you’re grabbing the book, maybe pick up a fresh bottle of wine to enjoy during our chat?

We’re so happy to bring the Cool Mom Picks Book Club to you with the support of our fantastic sponsor, The Wines of Vinho Verde. Could there be a more perfect match? We think not! These versatile whites, reds, and rosés from Portugal go with whatever you’re eating, and whatever you’re reading. We’ve even got wine pairing ideas below, should you be reading along with us in an actual book club.

Then you’ll have everything you need to join me on November 13.

Reminder: This is a low-pressure book club! Even if you don’t finish the book, get through only a few chapters — or are just interested in the topic of raising resilient kids and haven’t read the book at all, you can still join us. We’re busy too, we get it.

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Vinho Verde Muralhas De Monção : Wine Pairing ideas

The Wines of Vinho Verde: Muralhas de Moncao | sponsor

A delicious wine with light bubbles? Yes, please! You’ll want to try this slightly higher-end Vinho Verde that’s still affordably priced. Hailing from Portugal’s Vinho Verde region, the Muralhas De Monção is made from 70% Alvarhinho and 30% Trajadura, resulting in a crisp and refreshing wine that you can drink on its own, or paired beautifully with a variety of foods. It’s light and refreshing, even as we start to get into the cooler fall months, featuring notes of snappy green fruits and citrus, two of my favorites combined.

This wine is perfectly lovely on its own as an aperitif, but if you’re serving some book club munchies, our sommelier friends suggest pairing with:

-Snacks: If you’re not fancy, that’s okay. Chips, pretzels, or good quality crackers (you know what we’re talking about) work too.
-Seafood: A fresh, homemade ceviche pairs perfectly, or even light seafood dishes like crab cakes, fish tacos, or shrimp. Or, Oysters, if you’re feeling fancy.
-Cheese: Try cheeses that are light and creamy, like goat cheeses, burrata or even a brie.
-Veggies: However you enjoy them – from veggie platters to salads, even roasted in olive oil.


Discussion Guide Questions for Building Resilience in Children and Teens

Book club: Ken Ginsburg Building Resilience in Children and Teens

  1. How do we balance stress as a lifesaver, and it causing our kids physical and emotional issues?
  2. What are the 7 Crucial Cs of building resilience in kids?
  3. How does a parent becoming involved in the community affect resilience in kids?
  4. How do we know when to interfere and when to get out of the way?
  5. What are some ways we can expand the definition of success?
  6. What are better alternatives to lectures?
  7. How can we improve our listening skills?
  8. What are some positive discipline strategies?
  9. How can we teach kids skills for dealing with stress – through self care and creative expression?
  10. How can we increase the independence we give our kids?

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Vinho Verde: Versatile wines from Northern Portugal that pair well with all kinds of foods (sponsor)

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