Like you, we’ve got lots of questions when it comes to parenting teens, which is why it was such a pleasure chatting with Dr. Ken Ginsburg, someone who knows an awful lot about parenting them. Along with being a parent himself, Dr. Ginsburg has years of experience from his work at the The Center for Parent and Teen Communication at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He’s also written a bunch of fantastic books, one of which we read as part of our Cool Mom Picks Book Club.

We loved this past episode we did with Dr. Ginsburg so much that we wanted to share it again. You can listen to it right now, then be sure you’re a Spawned Parenting Podcast subscriber so you never miss an episode.

Here are some of the questions that Liz and Dr. Ginsburg cover during this episode:

-Why do parents dread teenagers in the first place?

-Why do teens push us away, and what can we do about it?

-How can we prevent our kids from engaging in risky behaviors?

-How do you get a teen to follow your rules?

-How do we get teens to open up and speak in multiple-word answers?

-How can parents manage the natural rejection we feel as our kids gain independence?

-How can we be less emotional and reactive with our teens overall?

-Why we should focus on the the idea of discipline versus punishment, and resources for creating a discipline plan.

-How do we find the balance between wanting kids to succeed and letting them fail?

-How is the recent college admissions fraud scandal part of a larger issue every parent struggles with?

-What can teens’ roles can be in their own growth and earning of privileges and freedoms?

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