On this week’s Spawned parenting podcast, we’re focusing on about raising sexually healthy kids. i.e. How to have the sex talk, what to say, and how it’s changed over the years. I don’t use the term “brilliant” lightly, but that’s how I feel about these ideas from our guest, family sexual communication researcher and educational workshop host Dr. Heidi Croatt.

We also cover some of the newer topics that parents need to discuss with our kids, because they can be harder for us; topics like like consent, gender identity, nonbinary sexuality, the many ways babies are made, and why it’s great that more parents want to teach their sons about menstrual cycles now.

Heidi is so engaging, candid, and wildly smart, I learned a ton myself. I’m also not exaggerating in saying this is one of my favorite podcast interviews we’ve done.

Her main point: The sex talk isn’t really about intercourse per se (though it partly is) — it’s about raising kids who are healthy, and as Heidi puts it, “building a culture of conversation in the home.”  That’s why I really hope you listen, whatever age your kids.

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This is an important topic.  Especially if you’re already squirming.

(And PS it pisses me off to no end to have to label this episode as “explicit” just because we use proper anatomical terms. In other words, know that you can totally play this episode with your kids around, but know they’ll be hearing about vaginas and penises and periods and stuff. )

You can learn more from Dr. Heidi Croatt from her website communicatingyourvalues.com (even hire her to speak with your own parenting group), sign up for her Beyond Birds & Bees newsletter, and check out her brand new instagram account @beyondbirdsandbees

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Some of the topics we cover in Episode 183

Rethinking the tech talk as a way to raise sexually healthy kids: Spawned parenting podcast guest, Dr. Heidi Croatt of Beyond Birds & Bees

-What it means to raise sexually healthy kids: an easy definition.

-Vulva vs vagina: Heidi may have come up with the solution to end this ongoing debate!

-Why having the sex talk is still hard for a lot of parents, and why (and how) we need to push past any discomfort.

-What you can say to kids by age, and why it’s never too soon.

-Why euphemisms for body parts are hard for even “progressive” parents, plus Heidi offers a brilliant way to rethink why and how we talk about them.

-How to incorporate your own values into the talk, whether you believe in sex after marriage or…something else.

-A really smart alternative to “Well, when a man and woman love each other very much…”

-The best ever trick for starting conversations about birth control and period products.

Dr. Ann Bernstein, author of Flight of the Stork


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