Props to you if you’re stuck at home like us these days and are putting on more than leggings or sweatpants. If you’ve been catching our #StyleOver40 on Instagram, then you know that for us, that is not the case. We are currently living in our favorite sweatpants and leggings, at least for the rest of the unforeseeable future.

With that in mind, you might as well make sure you’re wearing the comfiest and coolest, right? Here, our favorite cozy legginngs and sweats that we think you’ll get plenty of use out of over the next few week. Perfect while we’re stuck inside — and when we can finally get out and this is all over.

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Colorfulkoala Leggings

5 of our favorite leggings and sweatpants: Colorfulkoala leggings

Our sponsorship director Lisa introduced me to these affordable leggings and I’ve since bough three pairs. They’re super comfy, and can double as workout leggings, just in case you get the hankering to take a run. (Though I have noticed they tend to slide down a bit with vigorous exercise). Also, they’ve got pockets. Win! ($29.99, Amazon).

Athleta Wide Leg Studio Pants

5 of our favorite leggings and sweatpants | Athleta Wide Leg Pants

As far as Lisa’s favorites go, these swing wide leg pants from Athleta are at the top of her list. We’ve been big fans of Athleta over the years, because even though they’re spendy, they wash and wear incredibly well and don’t fade so quickly. I love that these can be easily dressed up or down — which these days, is basically the difference between staying home or doing a grocery store run. (Athleta, $78).

The Pant by American Giant

5 leggings and sweatpants for quarantine | The American Giant The Pant

I’ve had my eye on these pants ever since Meredith Sinclair chose them as her Cool Pick of the Week on our Spawned Parenting Podcast. She said they were the ultimate play pant, which with so many of us home with the kids, we kind of need. Plus, you’ll get a ton of use out of them after we’re back to our regular routine. (American Giant, $78).

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Lululemon Align Pant 

5 of our favorite leggings and sweatpants | Lululemon align pant 28

Our contributor Caroline swears by these leggings, which she describes as having a “dreamy texture.” You’re probably already aware that Lululemon pants are not cheap, but from everything you all tell us (nope, I’ve personally never owned a pair), they last quite well. Yes, they are on the narrow side, and you may know that too, but Caroline says she just wears a bit of a longer shirt if she wears them out. (Lululemon, $98)

Hue Ultrawide Waistband Leggings

5 of our favorite leggings for the Coronavirus Quarantine | Hue Leggings

When Liz swears by something, I listen, which is why I’ve got these Hue leggings in my cart right now. I’m actually a big fan of Hue leggings of all kinds myself; in fact, the denim leggings I own are my all-time favorites. Like Liz, I love how they conveniently transition right from wear-out-of-the-house on pharmacy runs to sleepwear … and back again! And at this price, might as well stock up in a few different colors and styles. It could be a long spring.  (Nordstrom, $27 on sale).