Huddle up, friends, because I’m about to give away a bunch of my secret gift ideas that I send to folks when I want to tell them how much I’m missing them. And when you’re under a shelter-in-place order thanks to this Coronavirus crisis, that’s a whole lot of people.

Yes, it’s nice to receive a card in the mail, there’s no doubt about that, but especially with Passover and Easter close behind – both holidays where friends and family tend to gather – it feels go to go a little beyond a handwritten card. Here, 5 sweet “I miss you” gifts that will help you feel connected to all your faraway friends and family, even if they just happen to be right down the street.

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Homesick Candles 

I Miss You gift ideas for quarantine | Homesick candles

Got a loved one who’s living in a different state or country? We’ve been longtime fans of Homesick candles, but now more than ever we think they’re an awesome gift. Send the scent of your city or state so that when they light it up, they’ll think of you. And don’t worry, they’re the nice smells of your state. Trust me, I’m from New Jersey, and that could go very bad very quickly. If your city, state, or country is sold out, try our affiliate Uncommon Goods

A care package of local treats

I miss you gift ideas for Coronavirus quarantine | TastyKakes

If you’re hitting the drug store or your grocery store for your weekly run, consider grabbing a few items that are specific to your city or state and sending them out. I stocked up on Goldberg Peanut Butter Chews and TastyKakes and have been putting together a couple of small care packages for friends. Also, WaWa coffee.

Friendship bracelets (or matching bracelets of some kind) 

I Miss You gifts for Coronavirus quarantine | Love Project friendship bracelets

I recently purchased a set of three of these friendship woven bracelets from Love Project and sent two out to friends (and kept one for myself), with a note that told them whenever they need a little boost, they can just look down and know that I’ve got mine on too and I’m thinking of them. If you’re crafty (or have a crafty kid), you could easily make your own; it’s the sentiment that counts.

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Shop local

I miss you gift ideas for quarantine | Nomad Supply Co

Pretend like your friend or family member is visiting you and you decided to take them to your favorite local shop by sending them something. Not only are you supporting a local business in your town, but you’re giving a sweet gift to someone you love. A few of my favorites in Doylestown: Nomad Supply Co, Lotus Apparel & Home, and Shop Vintage Alley. Maybe are showcasing their items on Instagram and shipping (or doing safe delivery).

I miss you gift ideas for quarantine | Phil ADELE phia shirt

A twist on this is to send clothing or something gift-y that’s specific to your state or city. The first thing that came to mind is this funny Phil ADELE phia shirt I always see in the window of my local store. It’s a little random and kind of kooky but let’s be honest, no one outside of Philly has got this.

Send food 

I miss you gift ideas for quarantine | Olive bread

A famous person once said: Nothing makes the heart grow fonder than food. Okay, I don’t think anyone actually said that, but they should have because it’s totally true. Whether it’s cookies you both love, a special loaf of bread that they can’t where they are, or just a tasty mix they can make and eat over Zoom or Facetime with you, this is such a sweet gesture that goes a long way.

Order them dinner 

Food safety tips for food delivery during Coronavirus

Thanks to services like DoorDash, you can order local food delivery for your friends and family, no matter where they are (domestically, for the most part). Just type in their address, and order away. Worried about food delivery being safe? You can send them this post we did on Cool Mom Eats just in case. Photo: Dan Gold,