We’ve played countless rounds of cards and assembled literally thousands of puzzle pieces lately, but our new favorite obsession in my house has been paint-by-number kits. So when I discovered these custom photo paint-by-number art kits on beautiful canvases from Winnie’s Picks, I thought they’d be an amazing gift. or a fun way for us to all spend a weekend.

Think of all the gift potential: a sweet photo of Dad with the kids for Father’s Day, a portrait of your recent graduate in their cap and gown, a summer vacation photo (the paint-by number landscape art comes out amazing) to remind your kids about the first trip you’ll take together when this blasted quarantine is over. Your birthday kid with a group of their besties.

Or hey. even a sweet picture of a pet for anyone at all. Look how great the pet art come out!

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Custom paint-by-number kits from Winnie's Picks are a great activity to do with your kids this summer.

The process to make your own custom paint-by-number art is easy: just upload a picture when you order, and they’ll transform it into a custom paint-by-number canvas.

While I haven’t tried a kit myself yet, they have many, many examples on their site so you can get a pretty good idea how well they convert from photos.

Just keep in mind that the pictures that turn out best tend to be portraits with a simple landscape background — like mountain, a grassy area, or water. A busy background, like a bookshelf or full room of furniture is a lot more complicated to complete and I couldn’t vouch for the results.

We love these awesome custom photo paint-by-number kits!

Also note: As with those 1000-piece puzzles, these custom paint-by-numbers art kits will take stamina and perseverance!  That’s why I suggest they’re a great family project. Turn on your kids’ favorite music, set up a dedicated spot in your house with lots of light and  — IMPORTANT! — a good chair. Then, just hang out together while you paint.

The end painting is going to be a treasured keepsake  of course. But right now, while we’re looking for ways to spend quality time together, that’s the real gift.

Upload your own photo for a custom photo paint-by-number art kit from Winnie’s Picks.