We understand that everyone is at different stages when it comes to understanding, internalizing, and speaking out against systemic racism and Black Lives Matter. But it’s important to know that even if a lot of the information coming out these days is new to you, it’s not new. At all.

Or as Rene Syler put it on this week’s episode of Spawned: “Here we are. Again.”

Whether you feel “woke” or “just waking up,” this country is in a major period of growth, and we know it’s hard to keep up. In part because so many activists and thought leaders are revealing new ideas, new analyses, new information about racism every day.

So we’re grateful that Rene, a veteran broadcast journalist, witty author, prolific public speaker and Black mom of two, lent us her time and her voice this week to discuss racism in America — not just what it means to be racist (the definition may surprise you), but what you can do to help make changes, even in small ways that can have big impact.

(Rene’s a busy mom too!  She gets that multi-tasking parents can’t all focus on the news 24/7, let alone head out to protests every weekend.)

We really hope you’ll give us 30 minutes this week. Because as Rene also said, “We’re seeing some things we can no longer ignore.”


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Top image: Maria Oswalt 


Some of Rene’s recommendations

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And of course you can follow Rene at @GoodEnufMother on Twitter,  on Instagram, and on her personal  Facebook page for all the good unfiltered political talk. And humor! Also check out Communicators Academy, where she coaches others to be better public speakers too.


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Our Cool Picks of the Week

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Kristen: Our guide to Father’s Day food gifts from Black-owned businesses. You don’t have to be a father to love them either!