Spoiler alert: LGBTQ parents want to track babies’ milestones too. Seems like kind of an obvious statement in 2020, but so few baby memory books fit that need. In fact, it can be pretty hard to find baby books that don’t still offer prompts like “how your daddy and mommy met.”  Or give you space to fill in “Daddy’s first reaction to Mommy’s pregnancy” — whether or not you became parents through this route in the first place, let alone whether there’s a “Daddy” and a “Mommy” in the family at all.

So we were really happy to discover Little Pickle’s inclusive baby books for same-sex parents and share them in our 2020 Baby Shower Gift Guide. In fact, they’re some of the best we’ve seen around.

Not surprisingly, they were created by a mom who couldn’t find the perfect baby book to share her own baby’s story to suit a lesbian family set-up, as she calls it. So, she made them herself. And they’re lovely!

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LGBTQ-friendly baby books! These inclusive baby books use the word "parent" instead of mom or dad, plus offer prompts to help all kinds of parents preserve baby memories

What’s terrific about these baby memory books, besides the sweet design, is that they track all the things normal baby books do, but use the word “parent” instead. They even include a spot for you to fill in the names your kids call you: Mama and Mommy? Mom and Brian? Daddy? You decide, not the baby book publishers.

In addition to the baby book for LGBTQ parents and same-sex couples, I  really love that the company offers options like single parent baby books (below) and even a non-gendered baby book “for all types of families.” (Although we do have to point out that “My first Christmas” isn’t a holiday celebrated by “all types of families” so maybe the company has some other options for that pages available?)

Single parents can honor their own parenting journey in these inclusive baby memory books from Little Pickle

The inclusive baby books at Little Pickle also include a great adoption book for adoptive families.

These inclusive baby books for same sex parents, gender-neutral kids, or single parent families are incredible.

As an adoptive mom myself, I’m also grateful for her adoption baby books, which reference “your second month at home” and “your third month at home,” which take into account that not all kids are adopted right from birth. I know how hard it is having to skip over so many of the typical baby book questions that you simply don’t have answers for. Instead, with Little Pickle’s books, you get to celebrate your unique journey as a family, and even preserve the kinds of memories that make your own story special, like what it was like to make your match.

No matter how you found yourself on this joyous, crazy, winding parenthood journey, it’s just so nice that more and more companies recognize that there’s room for all of our stories.

Find a nice little selection of inclusive baby books at Little Pickle’s Etsy shop, (not to be confused with our friends at Little Pickle Press), including single-parent Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me books to same-sex parent books, and adoption books. They make great baby gifts! Just note they ship from the UK. Any local shops want to carry them?