In a way, we’re less surprised that someone has come out with the first ever personalized baby books for same sex couples–and more surprised that it took this long. That said, we’re thrilled, since we love finding baby books and baby memory books that are just perfect for the families who choose them. And no one does that better in the first place than Rag & Bone Bindery.

The traditional, entirely handmade baby book from Rag & Bone now has an option which allows you to add Two Moms or Two Dads pages right into their beautifully simple baby books.  While beautifully illustrated prompts like The Big Day or Family Tree are relevant for all kinds of families, it’s nice to see the addition of more open-ended pages like The story of our path to you, Getting Ready, and How we prepared for your arrival. Then on the outside, you’ll find the same handcrafted, ribbon-bound cover fabric choices in more than 40 styles from sweet and sentimental to bold and modern.


Personalized baby books for same sex couples - Two Moms at Rag & Bone Bindery

To order, just click on the Add-Ons drop down menu to choose Two Moms or Two Dads for just $4 extra. They’ll come already bound right into the book.

Cheers to you, Rag & Bone for supporting even more loving families in the world–and cheers to even more lucky new babies who’ll have such cool baby books to embarrass them when they’re teens.

Choose the Two Moms or Two Dads add-on to make any of the personalized baby books into Baby Book for Same-Sex Couples at Rag & Bone Bindery