These days, it’s like we blink and it’s dinner time and we think, “what the heck happened to this day?” As we looked around our feeds to see what else parents are discussing — you know, beyond school, school and school —  turns out we’re not alone. Seems like a lot of us are starting to think time management techniques, just to get a small sense of normalcy back into our days, and to try to get ahead of things as back to school (-ish) time starts to get closer.

So this week on the Spawned Parenting podcast, we’re bringing back a favorite episode from the archives, comparing and analyzing 5 top time management techniques from experts. Hopefully one of will make you say, “aha! I need this in my life!”

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5 of the top time management techniques we’re discussing

Take a listen to our show to hear more about each of them, and how they apply to our lives as parents

Comparing 5 top expert time-management tips and how they work for parents | The Pomodoro Technique by Francisco Cirillo

1. The Pomodoro Technique by Francisco Cirillo

2. The WADE Formula by Julie Morgenstern

3. How to Avoid Procrastination by Christine Hassler

4. Schedule Everything by Joe Matthews, Don Debolt, and Deb Percival via Entrepreneur Magazine

5. The Carpool Technique by Peter Turla


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