This episode of the Spawned Parenting Podcast is all about the new generation of working mothers in America, featuring a guest who knows a whole lot about it: Award-winning journalist, author of the viral anti-mom workplace bias article we all still talk about, and host of The Double Shift podcast,  Katherine Goldstein.

She’s created the first reported podcast to focus exclusively on a new generation of working mothers — treating the experience and identity of working moms with journalistic seriousness and curiosity. Each episode tells a different story, from a group of moms who fought for paid leave at the NY Times, to the moms who work at the Bunny Ranch, Nevada’s best-known legal brothel.

So Katherine got a lot to say about working moms today, why we still feel so much working mom guilt (and need to stop), how we still “bear the mental load” of family responsibilities, what needs to change, and how we might one day achieve parity in the workplace.

Also, is mind-blowing sex the key to working mom self-care? Hm….

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You can find more about Katherine and check out her brilliant podcast at The Double Shift website, and follow her on Instagram @TheDoubleShift.

Katherine Goldstein of the Doubleshift Podcast : Her thoughts on working mom guilt and achieving gender parity in the workplace | Spawned parenting podcast

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