It’s official: Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s pick for Democratic VP candidate and (speaking for all of us here, honestly), we couldn’t be more excited about this historic choice.

While many of our kids are already fans of hers, a lot of children who are aware of the upcoming election — or even budding activists themselves — are going to be asking for more info.  So I think today is a perfect day to introduce your kids to the woman we hope will be our next Vice President, through three fantastic children’s books about Kamala Harris that I can recommend.

Grab them from your library or order online or from your local bookstore, then sit down and read about this woman who has spent her life “fighting for folks who need a fair shake,” as President Obama put it. You may even learn something too!

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Great children's books about Kamala Harris: Superheroes Are Everywhere by Kamala Harris and Mechal Renee Roe is biographical but also talks about the traits we all want our kids to have

Great children's books about Kamala Harris: Superheroes Are Everywhere by Kamala Harris and

If you want a children’s book about Kamala Harris, I’d start by taking a look at Superheroes Are Everywhere, which is written by Senator Harris herself and illustrated by Mechal Renee Roe. Here, she shares some autobiographical information about her family life, as well as her career as an attorney who became Attorney General who became a United States Senator. But it’s more than an autobiography — the main message here about being kind, caring, and helpful to one another.

I particularly like how the book ends with a “hero code,” allowing kids to promise to “make people feel special” and “help people be brave,” among other character traits we’d hope to see in our children. Let alone someone who may grow up to serve America in the White House. (Find it at Amazon or Indiebound)


Great children's books about Kamala Harris: Kamala and Maya's Big Idea by Meena Harris and Ana Ramirez Gonzalez is based on a true story from sister Kamala and Maya Harris's childhoods

You must check out the recent picture book Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea, written by Phenomenal founder and Kamala’s niece, Meena Harris, and illustrated by Ana Ramírez González. It’s so much more than just a sweet story adapted from a true story from Kamala and her sister Maya’s childhood. It’s an empowering story too, demonstrating how Kamala’s passion for social justice, community work, and improving life for others started at a very young age, and it’s told in a way that kids can totally relate to. In fact, it’s written to encourage kids to take on issues they care about themselves, and find ways to make change happen.

For more, be sure to listen to Liz’s interview with Meena Harris on the Spawned Parenting Podcast. It’s a terrific interview!

(Buy at Amazon or Indiebound)


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Great children's books about Kamala Harris: Kamala Harris: Rooted in Justice by Nikki Grimes and Laura Freeman is a biography for grade-schoolers, but our tweens will enjoy it too

Finally, for a true biography of Kamala Harris for children, you’ll want to pre-order Kamala Harris: Rooted in Justice by Nikki Grimes and Laura Freeman. This book conveys Kamala Harris’s life story, from growing up with immigrant parents who took her to Civil Rights marches,  to her work as Attorney General of California and  US Senator from California. It’s an inspiring and empowering overview of her life, that’s beautifully illustrated too. And while the recommended ages are young readers 4-8, I know my tweens would really enjoy learning more about her from Rooted in Justice too.

(Preorder: Amazon or Indiebound)