Political activism is something we talk about all the time here because, as Kristen so aptly said in a fantastic thread on our Instagram, “Parenting is politics is values is life.” We have been and will be doing everything we can this year to make sure people get out and vote.

Today, on National Voter Registration Day, it’s by sharing these must-have political tattoos at Tattly that help get people registered to vote.

By the way, did you know the US ranked 26th out of 32 developed countries in voter turnout in our last election? Only 61% of us voted! That’s why we care so much. Your voice matters, and we want it to be heard.

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We were excited to see a favorite brand of ours, Tattly, launch these I am a voter. tattoos today. A generous percentage of each sale goes back to the I am a voter organization, a non-partisan movement that believes democracy works best when we all participate. They work to get people registered to vote, to remind people on election days, and to help people vote by mail where that is available.

Political tattoos at Tattly: Resist tattoo by Dirty Bandits

Political tattoos at Tattly: Fight the Power by Arianna Orland

Of course, Tattly has always been forward-thinking and activism-minded, and they also have cool designs like their Resist! tattoos by Dirty Bandits or Fight the Power tattoos by Arianna Orland. Add those to your I am a voter. order for the full election day look.

Updated to add: We recommend wearing these tattoos in a place they can be covered if you plan to have them on while you vote, as some poll workers could interpret them as a “electioneering for a political issue” and turn you away from the polls.